Friday, July 12, 2013

Cousin Fun on the Fourth!

Enjoy a bunch of pictures of our beautiful girl loving some water time with her cousins on the fourth of July.  This little sunshine monster is the greatest!

 This one kills me!  Not only is she crazy adorable, but she is getting so big!

Festive you see the star?  I regularly leave the house looking like a chubby hobo (wish that were an exaggeration) but this little lady usually has really cute hair.  I've become that mom.

Remember how this became a 100% mom blog with occasional pictures of my wonderful child and that's about it?  Sorry guys.  Story of my life.

Two things happened.  1)  Blogger changed and I don't know how to change my background any more and may not care enough to figure it out.  2)  My wonder nugget cracked the shiz out of my laptop screen so what visibility I do have is limited to the fractions not being invaded by the blackish purpley spider webby cracks all over the screen.  It's magical.  End result = it'll probably be April showers and May flowers around these parts for a while.

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