Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Day I Want to Remember

Today was the sort of day I never want to forget.  Nothing especially out of the ordinary happened, which is part of what makes it such a memorable day.  The morning began as it usually does.  Adam left for work, and Avynlee and I saw him off as we often do.  She waves goodbye, says "Bah, seeee." (Bye!  See ya!) and "I wah ooh" or "I uh too"  ( I love you or I love you too).  She gives "pah pah" and "kih!" (pat pats are hugs, and kisses).  Then we went about our morning as usual.

She was really hyper all day.  She was running around and getting into everything.  I figured, since I can't possibly clean my house, work, or begin any projects, I may as well join her.  We tickled, wrestled and laughed much of the morning.  When the UPS man rang the doorbell and knocked on the door, it terrified her.  She jumped and brought her hands to her mouth looking nervously at me.  I picked her up, quickly consoled her and signed for several packages.  A bunch of office supplies (off topic, I LOVE office supplies) arrived for Adam.  Avynlee and I opened the boxes together and played with some of the stuff before moving it into his office out of the way.  Even though she had no idea what any of it was, it was still like she was getting presents.

After lunch, Avs "helped" me make dinner.  It takes longer and is messier but she loves it.  I do too.  She helped me pile ingredients into the crockpot and would demand her turn to "ho!" (hold) or "tur, tur, tur" (stir, stir, stir).  After our dinner preparations were done, we played the piano for a while.  Avynlee loves music and loves to play the piano.  She climbed up on the bench, shuffled through my piles of music, and selected some songs, of course, having no idea what they actually were.  She's just seen me do the same.  She plunked random keys for a while and then climbed on my lap, looked at me, and sat back...meaning it was my turn.  I played and sang a few songs for her on the extremely out of tune piano.  I would only do that for her.  I sang "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar at the top of my lungs while playing the worst sounding accompaniment ever.  She still thought it was lovely.

When Adam got home, we all played in the living room for a while.  Then Avynlee raced over to the piano and climbed up on the bench.  She began softly playing and clearly singing a little song she was making up.  It was magical.  I couldn't make out most of what she was saying but there were definitely some "I wuuuuv" (I love) and "I wuh wuuuuuv"  (I will love).   She was trying to mimic the song I had sung to her earlier.  I started to cry.  My baby notices everything I do.  Even when I feel like a huge screw up, she thinks I am the greatest example ever.  When I feel ugly, she drags her grubby, chubby fingers through my too long hair and says "pih-ee" (pretty).  She already loves music enough that she wants to create it herself.  She is such an amazing little person and she brings so much meaning and importance to my life.  And she makes me sappy.

Before bed, Avynlee asked to watch a show.  "Show!  Show!"  She can even request which show she wants.  Her favorites are "Tues" with hand actions (Blues Clues), "Bah" (Barney), "Bah, buh" with wheels on the bus arm actions (Barney Bus), "Mih, Min" (Mickey, Minnie for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), or "pah pah pah pah pah pah rah!." (pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, Rocket for Little Einsteins) and then she'll sometimes specifiy if she wants the one with the cows or the train and penguins, etc.  Tonight we watched two episodes of Little Einsteins.  In one episode, there is a volcano and a monkey nearby has it's tail stuck in a tree.  Avynlee was SO concerned the entire episode.  She kept saying "uh oh" or "oh no!" and clapping her little hands to her mouth in panic.  She would repeat the words "eeh eeh" ('s the noise they make), "hah" (hot...for the volcano), "tuh" (stuck), and "tee" (tree) over and over.  She was so worried .  That episode may be a little too intense.  Or perhaps she was just feeling especially sensitive tonight.  The next episode there is a music pet. who needs her ticket to get on a train.  The ticket makes a clicking noise and so does Avynlee (with hand motions of course).  She was quite concerned about Melody the music pet and if she would, in fact, get her ticket after all.  Avynlee was pleased when the ticked was obtained but later when Melody the music pet boards the train and has to leave her friend, Leo, there is sad music and Avs kepts saying "Mehdee, sah!" (Melody is sad) and putting her hands over her mouth in grief.  Don't worry, in the end the train pulls up to Leo's house and he gets to keep Melody.  This was pretty much the greatest thing that has ever happened to Avee.  She quickly sat up tall, as in disbelief, clapped her hands to her cheeks and let out a quiet squeak.  Like a combination of utter joy and relief.  Maybe I cried a little that time too.  My sweet baby is so dramatic, and emotional, and sweet, and sincere.  It's amazing.  Her intense reactions are not something she gets from me.  But they are wonderful.  She is so real and raw and I love it.  I promise I don't cry over my phenomenal daughter every day, let alone twice, but she is breathtaking and marvelous and I can't believe how lucky and blessed I am to have such a smart, beautiful, talented, caring little girl in my world.

I know this post is really long and directionless, but it is more for me than anything else.  I want to be able to read this, think back, and remember every little detail.  I just can't forget her beautiful little song or her tender facial expressions.  I know this is going to go by much to fast so I have to cherish it while I can and document what I can because my baby girl is the best.

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Amy and Mike said...

Those are the days and moments that are so important to record and they help you more fully appreciate the crazy times. Thanks for reminding me to recognize the small, but wonderful moments each day. What a sweetie you have.