Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday Fun

My 22nd birthday was on Sunday. Adam took me to Trio and the musical The Producers on Friday...my fake birthday...since we couldn't really go anywhere on Sunday. Saturday, we had some laid back fun and watched some boxing with Adam's family. Sunday, I opened presents from my family before church. Jacob got me Tommy Boy, Natalie got me a blue and white shirt, and the parents got me a shirt, the tenth season of Friends, the movie The Trouble With Angels, black pumps, and another set of my dishes. Aliese and Darrin gave me emerald earrings a few weeks ago. At church, I taught my seven and eight year olds and got some cookie mix from the primary presidency. After church, Adam gave more presents...a season of Gilmore Girls and a shirt. The parents made me my birthday dinner and I did the traditional cake and candles bit. Later that night, Adam's mom gave me a shirt and a jacket. All in all, it was a pretty good birthday weekend. The pictures above are of birthday fun. My mom was particularly jazzed about the faces I made while she took pictures...note the sarcasm.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Wow 22 and what do you have to show for it.... I at least have posterity. Just kidding, from the sounds of it you are a spoiled brat. E.T. get you a cake to enjoy at the office? I always preferred the pie instead of the cake, but I think pie was reserved only for "upper management".

Jennifer said...

Nope! I got the pies. Two in fact. And a because a rep brought olive garden everybody was too stuffed to enjoy them so I got to bring home almost a pie and a half. Woot!