Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crazy night

I just got home from an interesting night. I got off work at about 8 pm and went to hang out with Adam around 8:30. Around 9, we (Adam, his mom, his step-dad, and me) heard sirens and the family dog was howling and barking...not so much at the sirens, but in general for about 5 minutes. It was strangely ominous for everybody. Minutes later, a girl called to inform the family that the youngest of the four brothers had been in a motorcycle accident. Adam and I were in another room watching the Jazz game when the phone rang. Before the telephone was even answered, Adam said his brother had been in a motorcycle accident. This was confirmed seconds later when his mother informed us of the awful truth. We immediately left for the hospital. We were sent to IMC who told us he was redirected to the University hospital (due to the degree of trauma) who told us he was in critical condition at IMC who told us he was stable at Jordan Valley. Two hours later, we located brother 4 and were thrilled to discover his relative safety. Adam's brother was cut off by a car forcing him to lay down his bike. Upon impact, his helmet flew off and his face and body were dragged across the asphalt while his passenger lay on him like as though he were a sled. The helmet incident was a misfortune resulting in stitches and staples and a lot of wound debriedment (now, a fairly gored bloke). However, had he not been wearing a helmet, or had it fallen off before the impact, the results would have been far more grim. The doctors were surprised he didn't break/fracture any bones and were shocked at his lack of concussion. He was really lucky. It was a night of hysterics and high-strung emotions (my favorite environment). We were all so glad he was safe. Things could have been much worse.

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Aliese Fry said...

Ugh...That does not sound fun...Glad things finally worked out to be a bit better.