Monday, August 4, 2008

Logan the great!

I love Logan. It is a fantastic place. My two years living there included some of the best times I've ever had. I journey back to Logan fairly regularly to visit friends or enjoy the outdoors...this past weekend featured a delightful trip back to the land of the wonderful. Our trip included campfires (which I love), Aggie Ice Cream (which most normals love), and sampling the local cuisine. We ate a delightful dinner in B.C. before we arrived in Logan at the best restaurant in the world (Maddox...which I call Grandpa Maddox's...which I don't think it's actually called). We would have gone to Peach City for the greatest shake ever made but were too full. I highly recommend both to anybody though.

Above, you'll see us (Adam & Jen) enjoying a fire in green canyon. I tried my hand at the infamous mountaing man breakfast. It was good...not great...but good. We brought more bacon than needed and there were many mountain bikers with dogs so I threw the extra, raw bacon in the road and waited for the hilarity to ensue. Also, Adam's leg appears to be on fire a bit. It isn't. He wouldn't be smiling. Anyhow, the bugs in green canyon must be feasting on some weird stuff (maybe raw bacon) because they were massive.

Below, we're standing in front of porcupine dam. That's right, porcupine dam. It's just outside of Paradise. I felt the need to venture to paradise as I have never physically been there before. Poor Adam endured my rendition of "Almost Paradise" the entire ride from Logan (luckily it's pretty close). When we got there...which is sort of nowhere...we saw the turn off to porcupine dam and got curious. What a delight. We later enjoyed dinner with Adam's dad and step-mom.


Cassidy and Skyler Meine said...

I love the maddox and peach city! If you guys need buddies next time, let us know!!!

Amy and Mike said...

Hey Jen, Adam gave me your address. Oh how I miss Cache Valley. It sounds like you guys are having fun,