Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I had the enjoyment of watching Murray's community musical of Footloose. My delightful brother played Lyle. I went with my parnts and Natalie on Friday and again with th parents, Adam, Aliese, and the Brits (Serena & Caroline). To be frank, the play was ok. Parts were were dreadful. I am of the mindset that everything my brother touches turns to gold so all the scenes he was in were great. Really, only the adult cast was bad I mean dreadful. are some pictures of the show.

The fit younger bru climbing a rope.

Still with the rope...two other boys made the effort but failed...hilarious.

Some country dancing.

More with the country dancing.

He jazzed...two thumbs up!

Some break dancing by Jacob and the little emo kid.

Big group dance number.

Jacob's curtain call...I missed the bow...drats.

His punk arms.
The end. Hope you enjoyed the poor picture quality. I wish myself better luck next time. Good work though little fella.


Aliese said...

I heart brother.

Kell said...

Picture quality is fabulous.:D jk. I wish I had seen that play I am a fan of it, usually. I like the new design by the way.