Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A cullinary masterpiece, Nickelcade, ...and...a ring?

I shall preface this by saying I wish I were a good cook. That's right...merely wish it. I occasionally and miraculously am successful in my endeavors but am no stranger to failure. This may seem silly to include as an important success considering the ease but this little treat was so pretty (and delicious) I had to give myself props.

What a pretty, fruity, summery delight!

Next stop: Nickelcade! Adam and I took Jacob (my bru), Natalie (my sis), and my 7-year-old twin cousins, Hayden and Caleb to the 'cade. It was a blast. The little boys started playing driving and shooting games which they usually quickly lost at. I redirected them to games that were more age appropriate and that issued tickets. They never went back. If it wasn't a ticket game, they weren't interested. When the time came to tally the tickets and claim a prize, the boys were very undecisive. We spent 30 minutes looking at the counter with them. In the end everybody got swell little prizes that I could've bought elsewhere for six pennies. I only wish I wouldv'e gotten a picture of Adam and Caleb wearing their false mustaches. Hilarious!

Hayden on a horse.

Caleb driving a car.
And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

...the ring! It costed Adam ten tickets and after he got he came to me and slipped it on my finger. Awww! Sorry if I'm raging war on any gag reflexes out there. I told him I was going to continue wearing it and he said ok. So there you have it. (By the way, no strings have been attached to the pink friendship ring...other than the ones used to make it I suppose!)

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Holly said...

I'm very proud of you Jen you're maternal instincts are slowly creeping to the stop homemade bread...I'm a little confused about the whole no strings attached..