Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Alaskans, Anniversaries, and my car

On Saturday morning, we closed on the car. It still needs some quality cleaning (the top is obviously rarely up...can't even see out the back window) and I haven't driven it since driving it home on Saturday as it needs to be licensed and registered. Now, I was thinking I could clean the top and get some lovely seat covers and take some great pictures of it for this blog...then I saw that Aliese posted pictures of it and I'm going to be lazy and just steal them! Here they are...scrapped and all!

The back seat is very very small...a toddler would get claustophobic back there...so, the B.I.L, Darrin, squished in and I dare say he loved every second of it. The picture below is on the freeway...apparently the windshield didn't protect him the way it did us...I saw this face in the rear view regularly and couldn't help but giggle. Sorry B.I.L..
Ok...so, the pictures don't really show the actual car...I'll get around to it. Now, Saturday night was our (Adam and Jen) 4 year dating anniversary. It was also my grandparent's Freeman 60th wedding anniversary. As 60 is a far more impressive feat...we neglected our own celebration and opted to gather with my big ol' family for some dinner and such. You'd think I'd include pictures of my cute, old grandparents but my attentions couldn't be strayed from the Alaskan cousins. They're so cute! Becca is nearly two. She's had tons of health complications (heart troubs/surgeries, etc.) and it was great to see her being a normal (mostly) little girl.

Above, she's clapping for herself as many children do. Instilling self-confidence? Below are two videos. First: Hayden and Dawson (Becca's brother) taught her the "Push it" song from High School Musical. I'm not real familiar with it but it didn't make it any less cute. She continued doing this randomy throughout the weekend. So cute! Second: Becca does the actions to the Popcorn song.

I didn't realize I'd be recording my own voice...cute...also...the sibs were were the kids were facing doing the actions to the song so Becca and Dawson wouldn't look at me. Also...if you listen closely...you can hear Becca say the words in the first one. She has a really really soft voice (her oxygen levels are quite low and she always is breathy). She once popped around a corner and "yelled" Boo in an attempt to frighten me but I didn't realize she was trying to yell. Cute kids though eh?

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