Friday, September 19, 2008

Some updates and a tag...sorta dull...sorry

I got a new (to me) car today! Apparently this is a popular occurrence for many and I've jumped on the band wagon. It's small, cute, and old. I'll post pictures some other time. Also, I've finally put a step forward in this wedding planning process. We have a tentative date of June 20th and a potential locale. I'm hoping for Wheeler Farm. I think it's pretty, rustic, and it's a place of my ancestry. We'll see how it goes though. Nine months from today and we'll be hitched...quite an exciting thought.

Now for this tag...

  • I am: Jennifer, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and engaged.

  • I know: I'm blunt and stubborn but I won't ever change.

  • I have: a cool guitar, a pretty ring, and a very small convertible.

  • I wish: I were done with school and married.

  • I hate: school.

  • I miss: the days when I was allowed to be less responsible and more care-free.

  • I fear: windows and dying before getting hitched.

  • I feel: crappy and congested...I'm having allergy troubs.

  • I hear: some Gilmore Girls.

  • I smell: nothing...due to the previously mentioned congestion.

  • I crave: usually muffins, currently hot cider though.

  • I search: my cluttered room for various misplaced items.

  • I wonder: if there are any clinical studies associating college with poor mental health...I hate school.

  • I regret: basically nothing.

  • I love: Adam, my family, and muffins.

  • I am not: all.

  • I believe: that I will one day make a difference.

  • I dance: On occasion...although dancing may not be the correct term...I'm not great.

  • I sing: all the time.

  • I cry: more now than I did before high school graduation. I think I must have developed a soul of sorts...I used to be dead inside :)

  • I don't always: tell the truth...I don't even have good reason to lie...I just do it sometimes.

  • I fight: less than I used to.

  • I write: papers for crappy school.

  • I win: cards, guitar hero, the occasional sporting endeavor.

  • I lose: my sunglasses (at least monthly) and my keys (maybe weekly)

  • I never: have quite enough time.

  • I confuse: my priorities.

  • I listen: to anything. I almost always have to have noise around me.

  • I can usually be found: in my room or at Adam's house.

  • I am scared: I'll be massive as an adult (I'm doing what I can to prevent it)

  • I need: a much better allergy pill...more money...a degree.

  • I am happy: when I'm not in school and when I am with family, friends, and Adam.

  • I imagine: a lot of things...I sometimes even confuse occurrences in my imagination with reality.
  • I tag: everybody who would like to be tagged.


Becky said...

That wasn't dull! Let's face it, you couldn't be dull even if you tried. I hope you're always blunt. Everyone needs someone who can give them an honest response. Wheeler Farm sounds lovely. Congrats on the car. You cry? Sorry school sucks. Hmmm...what else?

By the way, what are you working on getting your degree in? I swear you told me already...sorry.

Cassidy Meine said...

I'm excited about the date! That is a big step! Wheeler Farm weddings are way fun!!!!!!