Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Babble

I can't make my posts show up with paragraph breaks and I find it irritating...success! Thanks Aliese.

I got a hair cut...it's shorter than I'm used to but I think I like it...more on that another time.

I got out of class early, came home, and ate the best muffin of my life!

I think I’ve let my favorite time of year slip past me…drat! No tree shaking and twirling while the leaves fall on my head…no canyon drives…failure…oh well…autumn will probably occur again. Does the picture make you want to read some Robert Frost…oh wonderful nature! I think I’ll hug a tree later…not one with birds though.

Sunday was the primary program…funny stuff…I sat behind the piano so I could be naughty…I’m a bad example. Carpe diem!

I am going to Body World with Adam, his Dad, and the woman named Gloria who is married to Adam’s dad. When I first learned of Body World coming to town, those most closely associated with me thought I’d be all over it. People kept telling me about it and asking if I was going or interested in going. Honestly, I wasn’t. Why pay money I don’t have (seriously…can’t even afford to park at the meter at SLCC…whole other story) to see something I’ve already seen. The cadaver labs at the U have amazing dissections and I got to touch/hold pretty much everything (don’t think “gross, you’ve touched dead bodies” it’s not gross and you touch dead bodies too…they just aren’t quite dead yet…dying though…cheery thought!). Granted, the bodies are just laying on their backs on giant lunch trays (no lunch I’d participate in…they just look like giant lunch trays) and not posed as skiers or gymnasts or…anyway…I’ll post the results later…it should be cool though.

When I was perusing for a nice expired parking meter picture to use I stumbled upon this one which seems to be a nice segway between these two subjects.

Now for the meters at SLCC, which I wouldn’t have posted about but will…sorry. I am primarily a (not proud) student at the U but I am taking OChem at SLCC because I hate chemistry and I suck at it, and, let’s face it SLCC is easier than high school so I may as well help my chances at succeeding in such a miserable subject (sorry to any aspiring chemists…it’s a dumb subject and I hate it…carbon can kiss my tuckus…SP?) which I am honestly not willing to devote too much of my life to. Anyway, instead of being smart and just buying the $15 parking pass…which lasts the whole year…I choose to park at the meter. Truth be told, I once bought the parking pass and the sticker is in a car that is long gone…RIP Maggot…and I just can’t bring myself to buy another…perhaps not logical but that’s the way it is. Parking at the meter is really kind of fun because my lab is scheduled for 4 hours but we never really know how long we’ll be there. Today, for example, we were only there for about 2. I am not one to pay for a service not rendered and so I try to estimate the time I will be in class and will only pay that much. This is where it gets good. I’ll be in my lab and the clock is inching toward the time when I know my meter will expire but my class isn’t near completion (common occurrence). Rather than claiming the need for a potty break and running out and feeding the meter…I just let it expire. Then, when I get to my car and find it ticket free, I rejoice. Why would I deprive myself of such a rush. I recently ran out of non-copper coins though…useless ol’ pennies…so now I pretty much scrounge (i.e. look in couch cushions and jacket pockets and in the laundry room) for whatever change I can get my hands on. Whatever I can find dictates how much time I pay for…today was twenty minutes…I suppose I could have tried harder, maybe gone to a bank to get some more change…meh. Also, I once parked in faculty parking just to see if my substitute teacher parking pass (from the whole two times I did that) would work…and I think it may have.

Man I’m ridiculous. This post was meant to be much shorter…I sure do ramble a lot.


Holly said...

Go it's pretty cool...Kimball's first cadaver was an 80 year old man who had a sex change, I got to see that one and I will say its probably something I'll never see again in my life, at least I hope not. The only thing I dont enjoy is the smell, which enevitably sticks to your clothes so when you leave you actually know what you'll smell like when you are dead....anyway...

Aliese said...

Go to "Settings," "Formatting," and then scroll to "Convert Line Breaks" and pick "YES." That MIGHT fix your paragraphing problem. If it doesn't, let me know your user name and password and I can check the HTML settings and mess with it...I'm *usually* very good at fixing problems with Blogger. And I'm thinking I may just get you a roll of quarters for Christmas so you can feed the meter without too many more problems! Silly Jefanga...Oh, and I personally feel you would have been very proud of my not-so-carefully worded e-mail. So proud, you may have ever shed a tear had you read it...I was thinking about telling her off to her face, but just KNEW I was going to cry so I figured typing in anger and crying in private was a much better option.

Amy and Mike said...

Nice, I love the ramble. Gotta love the ramble. Thanks for helping me fill up several minutes of my day that I previously had no idea what to do with.