Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! On Wednesday, Adam and I particpated in my number one favorite Halloween Activity...we carved pumpkins. He presented the idea of carving pumpkins and making apple crisp, the two go well together I think. So while our crisp was baking, we carved. I think our pumpkins rock.

I did the owl. I love my half green pumpkin! Adam's is the Barack-o-lattern. Poor Obama's nose is getting a little wilty but it's still quite cool. Both pumpkins look a fair bit better in person.

Here they are all a glow. The owl has little stars all around which show up quite well when not in a photo. I think Barack looks a little like Martin Luther King, Jr. in pumpkin form. I think our pumpkins turned out quite well.


Aliese said...

I'm very impressed. I, however, was not-so-creative with the carving this year. But I participated!

Becky said...

Nice carving!