Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Adam spent Halloween morning in a Speedo jammer and goggles and even won a price for his Michael Phelps costume. I went to school dressed as Jen-in-sweats and later as catwoman. We spent the evening at Adam's parents house waiting for the neices to come trick-or-treating. They were so cute.

Katelyn was a 49ers cheerleader and had little pom-poms (which she apparently disliked). She also said "Goooo niners!" in her cute little baby voice.

Alyvia was wonder woman or super girl...she says wonder woman but there is clearly an "S" on her chest. She was super cute. Lyv stayed long enough to get some hide-and-seek in. Playing hide-and-seek with a 2 year old is hilarious!
We passed out candy, ate pizza, played with the little girls, watched some scary (and less scary) movies, and enjoyed some homemade pumpkin pie. Not a bad night, I'd say. Adam even got some comments on his Barack-o-lattern.

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Anonymous said...

Love the cheerleader:D haha so cute