Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hot dogs, wedding stuff, and a tag

First, when I'm coming home from school (south on I-15 around 7:40pm), it smells very much like hotdogs around 4000 south...every time. Curious.

Wedding stuff...don't get excited (like anyone would). There really aren't many updates. As of today, it is only 7 months away! I was basking in the ease of the long's so stress free...unless you do absolutely nothing until the last minute. I'll start getting more stuff taken care of, apparently...all I have is a date (June 20, 2009) and a reception site reservation (Wheeler Farm...beautiful, outdoorsy, and ancestral). Oh...and my wonderful mother is tinkering with the pattern (yup...not just making the dress...she's drawing the pattern too...poor thing), and I have my flower girl and bridemaid patterns.

Next for this tag.

Favorite person outside of family: Technically, Adam is not yet family. While, to me, he has been for quite a while, he won't officially be family for 7 more months (from today). And now I don't have to choose...he is easily my favorite!

Guilty Pleasure: Stupid movies...seriously love them. Also, sleeping in beyond an acceptable hour but I can't do it too often or I'll hate myself for wasting time.

Quirks about me: I'm fairly quirky person actually. I'm organized to an anal point but my room does NOT show it (to my great embarrassment and shame). I also (Aliese does it too) arrange my closet by color (rainbow), sleeve, and they all face the same direction. Adam doesn't do this...he will in 7 months though ;). I, apparently, talk weird. When someone is taking my picture, if they don't hurry, I start pulling faces.

Favorite charity/cause: I second Aliese on the Primary Children's Medical Center on the grounds that I owe them my siblings (they all would have died other wise). I also support the Tiny Tim Foundation (I've made sooo many things for them) who takes quilts, toys, etc. to impoverished areas in Mexico. In general, I am way into humanitarian work that involves children and poverty...the combination is seriously near and dear.

Favorite Blog recently: I honestly enjoy almost everybody's blogs...friends and family...I don't really bother with strangers due to time and because it seems a little stalkerish. Kelli's usually makes me laugh and because I enjoy laughter, I'll choose her...although I'm not slighting others.

Worst job I ever had: I've been pretty lucky with jobs but they have all come with cons. As a lifeguard, I had to clean truly vile things...unfortunately, this pales in comparison to the intense dislike of a select few people who worked with me. I don't usually dislike jobs...I'm a hard worker and really enjoy money...but politics associated with jobs make me livid (experiencing a little of this these days actually...glory).

Any confessions: When I see cute very small children wandering around alone, I think how easy it would be to take them. It sounds creepy but really, I'm concerned for the kid and wish their parents cared enough about them to stay near them. I sometimes lie on accident...there's no need for it and I have nothing to hide...I just lie sometimes (I'm also overly honest). I've tortured a hamster to death (age 3). I fish without a lisence. I've "skinny dipped" several times...well...chubby dipped...don't worry, nobody saw me nudey although I've never nakey swam alone...but it's so exhilerating. I've done some hilarious/appalling things in my day...I could share countless snippits of mischeif but I'll save it for another time.

If you had to spend $1,000 on yourself, how would you spend it? I don't like spending money on myself. I'd probably buy stuff Adam and I could use together (games, movies, etc.)...or maybe future house stuff or something.

Favorite thing about your house: Current/parent's house: It's comfortable. I like the location of my room (back corner of the basement...A LOT of privacy and alone time). I like our (Adam and Jen's)'s temporarily living here but it is grand. Future house: Adam will live there too!

Least favorite thing about your house? Current: Adam doesn't live here too. Future: I don't know yet...hopefully nothing.

Favorite Bible verse: Psalms 56:3 "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." There are a lot of passages with a similar God...He won't give an obstacle without the means to overcome it....what will be will be. Also...I have to include bits from Aliese' favorite because it mentions a funny thing I once said...

From Aliese's blog:
Luke 6:27-28 "But I say unto you which, hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you." I'm all about the whole, "hate the sin, love the sinner." Pretty sure that's somewhere in there too, but I don't remember the reference. I generally enjoy how people choose to interpret bible verses as well. As my sister [meaning me] so eloquently replied to a person with highly questionable judgement, "Are you without sin? Then quit throwing all these fetching rocks at me!"

Things you're good at: Music, tinkering (I'm probably the handiest gal in the world), planning stuff (accept apparently our wedding which seems to be a little neglected). I'm also good at stuff that may be less admirable...I lie really well, I can make people feel really badly about themselves without saying or doing anything "mean"...I'm good with guilt trips...I'm very outgoing and confrontational (especially with an audience)...I'm a master plotter. I'm thinking I was a master criminal in another life because I seriously have an evil side. I sometimes wish my negative talents were nonexistant (because I really am a good person and really do care about the well being of others) but they've really come in handy in the past so I just tuck them away and use them when appropraite...or necessary.

Something you would change about your circumstances: I'd be married to Adam. I'd be graduated. We'd be financially ok (not wealthy...I don't every want to be wealthy). We'd have a decent house.

Who would you like to meet someday: I suck at these ones...Adam would probably say Lce Armstrong so I'll second that...I already know the people I want to know.

Who is your real life hero: I'm apologizing in advance for the cheese...but...Adam is my hero. He is everything I'm not which I have so much respect for. He cares so much about people and has made me a better person. He's also smart and funny and seriously improves every single day of my life. He rescues me from myself and from so many other things.

What is the hardest part of your job: Getting to know people that you know will die...and then watching their loved ones suffer.

When are you most relaxed? When things are tidy, I'm not going to school, and I'm with Adam.

When are you most stressed? (I have to copy Aliese...who copied Anna)...When all of the aforementioned are...shall we say...NOT! (Me:) School stresses me out SO much...I don't understand all you weirdos (Adam included) who love the educational process...I loathe it. I also hate a mess but I'm so scatter brained and busy my room is always cluttered.

What can you not live without? I really didn't expect this post to be so cheesey...seriously sorry...Adam again though...and my family and friends.

Why do you blog? It's easier to share various happenings with others. It's a good way to keep track of others. Also, I plan to (post nuptials) devote certain posts to scrapbooky type things and do a blurb book every year or's a cheap way to journal.

Do it if you want to...


*Liese said...

Bwahahaha!!! I totally laughed out loud whilst reading...Lots...Especially with your confessions. Also, your Bible verse makes me cringe. Let's not forget that was the FIRST scripture you ever had to memorize--you were like four--and seriously, you walked around saying it CONSTANTLY. I wanted to throw rocks at you. ;)

P.S. Don't take offense to my humor/sarcasm; apparently I lose sisters that way.

Amy and Mike said...

After reading this post I'm under the impression that you kind of like this Adam Fellar.