Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just My Luck

"And then the clouds parted and God looked down and said, 'Alfalfa, I hate you...'" ~Little Rascals

I sometimes think the same of myself. No preaching please, I don't think I am personally loathed by the almighty, I just get dumped on...perhaps it's years of pent up bad karma. Either way, my bad luck manifested itself today. I broke the zipper on my backpack...really no big deal but leaves me short a backpack.

The real kicker just barely happened...note the time....

It is currently approximately 23 degrees outside...successfully meeting the predicted low. I don't just know this because I checked the weather, which I frequently do, I know because I had the pleasure of chilling (literally) outside for about half an our in the middle of the night.

So, I was at Adam's doing homework while he slept (a fairly common ritual). At midnight I left his house, locking the door behind me. I only wore a jacket (my car's heat is something marvelous) and favorite form of footwear...oh...and clothes too...those are just the only noteworthy articles of clothing. Anyhow, I was walking towards my car and see it is rather frosty. I don't love to scrape so I was bummed about the need...then I remembered my dad recently bought all of us (those driving and living under his roof) scrapers the very same day. Glory! I won't have to use a plastic card tonight...freedom for my fingers! I have a scraper! Not so bad after all. I gloried too soon.

I attempted to unlock my door but it wasn't doing well. The lock is a little funny but I feel I've mastered it so I continued with the typical wiggle and turn ritual I regularly participate in. Well, either I have incredible hand/forearm strength, crappy stuff, or really bad luck because the key broke leaving a portion in my hand and a portion in the lock.

23 degrees outside...just a reminder.

I kept trying to turn the nub that was stuck in the door but that was a lost cause. I considered breaking into my's pretty easy (don't get any ideas...there is nothing of value) but I couldn't bring myself to do it (it's a whole other story about how part of the top slips open and makes me cold but I finally managed to make it stay closed and I wasn't about to alter that).

Finally, I gave up and called the parents to bring me another key at 12:30 am. Sorry for the untimely wake up call. Then I tried texting Adam so he could let me back fingers were freezing and I badly needed a bathroom...he was fast asleep thought so I remained outside. I held it, danced a little (which was doubly beneficial), then caved and started scraping my car with my student ID. My fingers will never be the same.

My dad later showed up with a spare key, I tried the same luck...the passenger side door unlocked but wouldn't open. Swell. He sprayed some magic stuff (which I intend to somehow obtain) on the door and opened it. I managed to get home and probably should have gone to sleep...not blog about by dumb key. Quite a long post too. Sorry, all. I must ramble even more when I am sleepy.

My broken key...I'm must be rather strong! And now, I sleep the warmest sleep of my life. (I also just realized that I rely heavily on parentheses...curious.)


Aliese said...

Just so you know, as soon as I saw the title of the post, I was well-aware of its automotive content. Good thing you have 'rents who care and don't just leave you to live and learn in the 23 degree temperature! :)

Cassidy Meine said...

Ha! Sorry not funny... well kinda funny.. but I'm glad it wasn't me!

Amy and Mike said...

Sounds cold in Utah. We're still in the 70 highs and 50 lows here in Ohio. I too depend heavily on the perentheses (it's just too fun).

Carlye said...

Rarely to do I take the time to read long posts, but I am very pleased I read this one! You're hilarious. You do have terrible luck (please recall sluffing, and passing your mom and then trying to do an illegal U-turn amongst construction, while you directed traffic . . .). Did you ever get the key-nub out?

Becky said...

Not a night I'd enjoy. I'm glad you survived. (Flip-flops...seriously?)