Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Try

This is Adam. I thought I would throw up a post so as to justify the blog being named Adam and Jen. One problem. Jen is a great writer and I cannot compete. She thinks I'm a good writer. I may have been once. Now I can only write insurance reports. Since I am not as creative or witty as Jennifer I will just copy this man tag post, but talk about her instead. Also, I don't know how to work this thing and my keyboard is sticky. My finished product may look like the work of a four year old or if I'm lucky, a chimpanzee.

Five things my [future] wife, Jennifer, loves: She loves a lot.
  1. Me.
  2. Family.
  3. Helping people.
  4. Books that follow this format: ______ & ______.
  5. Pets. Even though she doesn't have one. And she's allergic to most of them so probably won't ever have one.

Five things on her to-do list: She actually keeps a to-do list on a dry erase board in her room. I do not know what's actually on it.

  1. Marry me.
  2. Graduate school.
  3. Come over to my house and drink hot cocoa with me. Not here yet though, which is why I'm writing this.
  4. Sew up Megan's flower girl dress.
  5. She wants to go to Africa or some other third world area and get malaria...err... help sick kids. Hopefully she comes over to drink hot cocoa with me first.

Five snacks she loves: This could change a lot.

  1. Baked Goods (Different ones than me. She likes the triangle shaped doughnut with the cream in the middle.)
  2. Fruit by the foot.
  3. Diet Pepsi Vanilla.
  4. Hot Chocolate. Where the freak is she? I have five flavors of Stephen's and a Cocoa Motion.
  5. Pop Rocks.

Five things you may not know about her: Well if you've been reading the blog you should be pretty well up to speed, but I will try.

  1. She is very ticklish.
  2. She punches really hard.
  3. She once took a class where you had to learn all the instruments in the string quartet. You were supposed to spend a month going to class and practicing each one. Then you would get tested on your proficiency. Jen went a total of five times. The first day, and then about ten minutes early on the test days to check out her instrument and practice for the test. She got an "A".
  4. She gets sick kind of a lot, but not so much since she got her tonsils out. And when she gets sick, she likes to pretend that she's not for as long as possible. Then she throws up on my bushes or behind The Ring of Fire.
  5. She has a very small Teddy Bear named Pookie.

Five places she has lived: Tough one...

  1. Kearns
  2. West Jordan
  3. Logan dorms
  4. Logan crack house
  5. West Jordan

Five quirky things about Jennifer: Just 5? OK

  1. She makes the funniest/weirdest faces...especially if she knows somebody is taking a picture of her. It sometimes make her look handicapped but I think it's cute.
  2. She can function quite well on very little sleep.
  3. People sometimes think she is from a different country because of the way she talks. She uses unorthodox words and says them just slightly different than you are used to. Just enough to throw you off. I think it is adorable.
  4. She once tipped a waitress in pesos and we were NOT in Mexico... in fact it wasn't even a mexican restaurant.
  5. She once drank like fifty dollars worth of coconut orange juice at a mexican restaurant, in Mexico. That's a lot of juice.

OK, hope this works!


Holly said...

I dont care if you're gonna be her husband...I can still tell you stories...I can assume I'm not allowed to though

Aliese said...

What more can I say? My sister's pretty much awesome.

Becky said...

Way to do a post! Fun learning more about ya Jen!

kelli said...

Jen, You can have my rabbit. Free of charge. Come rub your face on it to see if its ok. It has helicopter ears and as an added bonus I'll tie a ribbon around its neck to make it look cute.

P.S. good blogging Adam

Carlye said...

Jen I vaguely recall you making someone cry by punching them. . . I don't remember who though. I hope you do, cause now it's bugging me.
PS Good work Adam!

Brittany & Kody said...

Good job Adam!!!!

Amy and Mike said...

This post makes me want to try some coconut orange juice.

Holly said...

I'm pretty sure it was Cody whom you made cry...

Jennifer said...

...I don't know...I think Fussel. Although I wouldn't doubt it happened more than once.