Friday, December 5, 2008

Major Catch up

I have been crazy busy and finally have had a chance to update...sorry about the overload but at least there are pictures!

First, my friends, brittany and kody, got married on December 3rd and I was one of the witnesses (I'll email you all the pictures I have, Brit). They did a tiny civil ceremony and will do the big bit next month.

Kody, Brittany, me, & Krista are signing the paperwork.

Brittany and Kody - while the judge was reading their vows.

Their first kiss as husband and wife

Next, while I was waiting for Brittany and Kody's marriage license to process, I got a text from the future SIL, Lindsay. She had her baby that morning. So now I have a cute little [almost] nephew, Max Wesley.
This is all I've seen of baby Max so far...cute picture I'd say.
And now we shall rewind back to Thanksgiving...all the pictures are stolen from Aliese's blog because I'm lazy. We had a small Thanksgiving with just my immediate family and my ill grandmother. It was quite lovely...all homemade food eaten on china...our Thanksgiving's are very fancy pants.

We played games that night...and pretty much every night the whole weekend. Note: I didn't sleep the night before Thanksgiving or the night of...and when I don't sleep, I get quite's as close to being drunk as I'll ever be...the picture of me covering my face is because I started laughing so hard I was bawling...not cute.

After the games, Adam and I went shopping...around 1 am ish...we met up with Darrin & Aliese at 4 am. The shopping was done at about 10 am...then I took a 7 hour nap.

Ok, this is a bad picture of me but I had to include it...we (Darrin, Aliese, Adam, Jen) went to Chili's for dinner on Saturday night. We got some skillet queso and chips to share...I asked the waiter if I could steal the skillet, she seemed like she wanted me to, so I's in the bottom "to go" box...wood base and all.

There you have it...the abridged version...if you want more details go to Aliese and Darrin's blog.


Becky said...

Sounds like you've been up to a lot of fun stuff!

*Liese said...

Are you implying that I'm long-winded?? :) Way to steal pictures; feel free to do so anytime!

kell said...

I'm so glad you stole the skillet. I would love to do that...

Amy and Mike said...

Thief!!! Your kids are not going to have any respect for restaurant's stuff. If you could see the locker full of stollen restaurant stuff that Adam theived in high school.

Amy and Mike said...

Oh yeah, Max is way cute. That's awesome news.

Amy said...

I pretty much love when you laugh so hard you start crying - I think it's uber-attractive.

Carlye said...

I personally think you look quite stunning for not sleeping a wink. Also, thank you for stealing the skillet. That brought me great joy.