Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Nana's Funeral

My Nana's funeral was on Monday, December 15th. My camera's battery died so these are all stolen from Aliese's blog. I could get my dad's camera and put the effort into doing things myself but why do that when I can just theive them? Anyway, at the funeral, Adam, Jacob, Darrin (BIL), and my dad were all paul bearers (plus two cousins, Dad's uncle, and some guy).
It was FREEZING outside...with wind chill it was something like 9 was cold though.
While the boys were paul bearing we got a picture with just the girls. Of note: at my grandad's funeral 3 years ago (almost to the day) a picture of our family was taken and it is seriously the best picture we have ever had. As the upcoming pictures show, funerals/a good cry yield great family pictures. Below is Mom, Natalie, Aliese, and me.

And here's the family picture...quite a good one really. Me, Adam, Jacob, Natalie, Aliese, Darrin, Mom, Dad.
After the dedication of the grave, I was ready to was SO COLD...but my dad is a chatter (I guess he has the right to linger at chat at his mom's funeral though) so Adam and I huddled in near this tree to hide from the wind. Apparently people thought it was a prime photo opt because Natalie and Aliese both took a few pictures (we're not looking at the camera but I still like it ok...even though or eyes are squinty). Then Aliese and Darrin like the pose so much they got some too.
After the funeral, my dad took us all out to Olive Garden. I just realized this is the only picture in which I have a neck. I was scarfed in all the others. The picture of Natalie was taken by's Natalie with my dad's camera, she was given the job of taking pictures throughout the whole Aliese got one of her.


Becky said...

Those really are wonderful pictures...and it did look really cold.

*Liese said...

Good job at thieving.

Cassidy Meine said...

Sometimes I forget wether I am on your or Alieses blog... sorry! I would steal my sisters stuff too if she was all scrapbooky like.

Kell said...

I love funeral pictures. they never turn out how you would expect. you know what one of my deepest regrets is? that there is neither photo or video of my adorbale self at my fathers funeral. cause i'm sure they would have been awesome.