Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our week at a glance...kind of a lengthy glance...perhaps a gaze

Here are some of the recent goings on in the life of Adam and Jen...I bolded the main points so those of you who refuse to read long posts can skim it with ease.

Last weekend, the wonderful Kelli came for a visit. I love hanging out with her because there are few people in the world who can fully appreciate dry wit and a slightly sadistic sense of humor...Kelli and I are among those rare gems. She is a delight. We didn't do much of consequence although I did keep Eric (her brother, another of my cousins...also a visitor) up really late watching the Duggar family saga...I am fascinated by the Duggars.

Saturday, after some more cousin fun, Brian and Megan came over to watch the USU watch the USU game I mean, Adam and Brian watched the game and chatted a bit here and there...Megan and I paid very little attention to the game and occupied our time discussing wedding planning and family issues of the past and present.

Sunday, we started temple prep. and taught primary. The former class was uneventful but hopefully will cause me to be released from the latter. They are cute-ish kids but I'm done with primary for a while. I also think I get smellier from being in their presence for too long...seriously, my class reeks.

All week, junky school and work. I did get a lovely score on a Physics test which I find worth mentioning since my attendance in that class has been sub par...night school sucks. I also bought one of those vibratey face washer things. It is quite cool.

Friday, I hung out with Brittany for a large chunk of the day and helped pick out paint swatches for their new apartment...which I will also be painting...probably with them...right?...I don't know. I love homey stuff (shockingly) and will live vicariously through others until we have a place.

Still Friday, I finally set a temple and a time!

Friday night, Adam and I went to a grown up party at Brian and Megan's house. Megan is a phenomenal hostess and the company, for the most part, was rather stellar. I say grown up party because many of the people there were married and settled and some had kids and we all chatted it up and it was really quite fun...but there was no pin the tail on the donkey (Adam's observation). Are we really old enough that parties that don't include party games can actually be fun? The answer is yes. Sheesh we're old.

Today, we will be attending Maurice's funeral. I don't think I've ever met him but he is related to Adam. While the idea of spending a lovely Saturday at a funeral may seem unappealing, there is a silver lining...or perhaps two (how would that be worded?...there are two silver linings...that sounds odd). First, I don't actually know the man so I won't be sad (that sounds kind of bad). I plan to behave and be somber with the rest of the crew but I won't be mourning the loss of someone close to me...just another run of the mill funeral (common in my family...both funerals and the cavalier attitude towards them...judge if you will). The second silver lining is that Adam and I will be eating the best fish and chips in the world...that's right, not in England or near a good old Santaquin. Hurrah! (Any chance I'll be smitten for saying funeral and hurrah in the same paragraph?).

There you have it, our week at a glance book ended by some good weekends. I realize I'm long winded but note the time (6 am - ish). I can't I'll babble on our blog. One last joints pop like crazy...I recently popped my hips so badly that it hurt to walk and even sitting here on my little ottoman stool chair thingy hurts like crazy...silly old Jen...I'm already elderly.


*Liese said...

Pretty sure we're ALL elderly. I thank the Farr's for that gene. It's a wonder any of us are still walkin' about, I swear!

*Liese said...

P.S. I read every word. Not just the bold ones, People who don't take the time to appreciate long posts are lame.

Kell said...

I love the Duggers too! AND I am really excited you got one of those face washers.. they look so awesome.

Brittany & Kody said...

Correction: You didn't HELP pick out paint swatches. You went by yourself while I was in class. You are too good of a friend. Haha but I am sure happy you did because Kody agreed to the colors! Oh, also, funny stories about how Kody reacted at work after I told him we had already painted- I'll tell you later! Like your sister, I read every word too!