Sunday, February 8, 2009

Worst Poofer Ever!

The other day, Adam and I were driving around as we sometimes do. I was people watching a bit and in the car next to us was the worst poof I've ever seen. I tried taking a picture of it but I'm quite sure crappy poof hair girl and her friend knew what I was up to, were possibly weirded out, and were out manuevering me. So I tried to reproduce it in paint. It's hard to see what I was going for but this girl's hair was all straight and her ratted nasty poof started about an inch away from her hairline and grew and grew from there. It looked like a massive rats' nest...seriously...never before has that ridiculous term made thanks to horrible rat poof hair girl for shedding light on the term.

See in the side view how it grows bigger and bigger and then comes back into her scalp? Awful!


Kell said...

Yesterday my mom told me I ought to try poofing my hair sometime... and I said yeah maybe when hell freezes over. And she was like but I think it looks cute and I said nothing because ratted hair SUCKS.

Amy and Mike said...

Nice Post. I'm laughing as I imagine the poparazi Jen trying to take pictures of innocent bad hair victims as they cruise down the road. Nice work with the Microsoft Paint.