Monday, February 16, 2009

Love to Love...

My Valentine's weekend was packed with stuff I love.

1: Adam. Duh. Adam took me to the state swim meet on Friday and Saturday. I basically spent the entire weekend with Adam which inevitably made it an awesome one. I love Adam.

2: My brother. I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday at the State swim meet supporting my amazing brother. He really is one of my very favorite people. He is a hard worker, and amazing swimmer and a really cool person. He did really well...not as well as he would have wished...but good enough to impress me and make me proud (an easy task for him). Good job kid! You really are better than any other high school aged boy in the entire world. I love my brother.

3: Family: The whole fam damily was at the meet and I like hanging out with them. Darrin has been my basement roommate for 2 of the past 3 weeks and Aliese came up for the weekend. An aunt, an uncle, and 4 cousins also attended the meet. I love my family/cousins. Kelli, one of my favorite people, Adam and I ate dinner and had some childish fun...note the broken bed below. I love fun. I also love a little bit of mockery...note the woman (who smelled SOOO bad) and her horrible moustache. It's hard to see in the picture because it's gray but it is a full moustache. I sat right behind her and had the tactlessness to not only mock her openly but to take a picture of her. I may end up in hell but I laughed a lot which was nice.
4: Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day. Adam was gonna take me to Mimi's for breakfast before the meet but the wait was quite long and there wasn't time so we didn't eat until after the meet. We ate at the brick oven, went back to WJ and hung out the rest of the day. He got me the newest version of Pride & Prejudice (well loved by me) and a lovely card. I love love. We also hung out with some friends for a bit...Kelsey's birthday is Feb. 14th so we celebrated it up. We closed the evening with late night Adam and Jen fav. I loved the whole day.
I had an awesome weekend and President's day (no school/no work) was just the icing on the cake.


*Liese said...

I can vouch for the 'stache! It was pretty hideous. However, she was too far away for me to experience the stench. So sorry you got to endure that! Also--when did you become Irish? Is there something you're not sharing? :)

*Liese said...

P.S. They are upgrading BOTH our suites in Hell. Don't stress--I hear there are jetted tubs!

Becky said...

What a LOVE-ly weekend!

Sadie said...

That's my bed! haha

Rach said...

jen! I'm so glad you found my blog. congrats on getting married! when is the big day? that's so exciting.
ps I had no idea you worked at lifetime. if I would have known I would have said hi!

Hailey the Goose said...

do you realize how much i love you.
i see you.
we wave.
but it needs to be more.
went to lunch with cas weiler, we talked about our love for you.
you are on my top ten list.
best fox pointer there is.
did you know i'm a yw leader?
isn't that freaking FUNNY.
i love it.
my beehives love me.
your sister was one.
then she left me for the miamaids.

anyways... i am excited for the wedding.
we need to chat.
maybe i can sit by you and we won't listen to the speakers and you can tell me everything.
and also also also
i will be stalking your blog on a reg basis.
this is a novel...

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog from a friend's...and I just wanted to comment on you and your childish, rude attitude towards others. You are not perfect, and neither are the innocent people you make fun of on your blog. Too bad you have nothing else going on in your life, and that is all you have to share! Good luck with the "temple marriage"...people like you do not belong in the temple.

*Liese said...

Hmm...I think someone doesn't like you...^ Whatever. Delete that crap. Yes, they're entitle to their opinion--too bad they were too cowardly to post a name so you could defend yourself. I just love when people have the audacity to judge without knowing who you are! It definitely takes a classy individual to do that.

Jen said...

Clearly someone dislikes me...that's fine. I won't give them the pleasure of deleting their jab. And I will defend myself on the few things I am allowed.

Holli Paulsen said...

I think I would Like to become one of your friends!!! How are you girlFriend?

Heather said...

Jen! I'm so glad you found me! Looks like you're engaged! Congrats!