Sunday, February 8, 2009


On Friday I decided to spend 7 hours taping and painting my friends' apartment. Perhaps this wasn't the absolute best use of my time as my room could use a little attention and I always have plenty of studying to do but I like to paint and I like them so why not?

Brittany and Kody knew I was going to tape their accent walls but I don't know if they expected me to paint them too...but I did...and it looks so good. After the fact my right shoulder and lower back were a little sore (I have a few lessons to learn from Mr. Miagi...then maybe both arms would be equally sore). I also have amazing bruises tracking down the front of my shins and a goose egg per knee just below my patella...this is from continually climing up on a chair to do the parts I couldn't reach. I tried to take pictures but my injuries didn't show up well enough to make it worth it...I'm not a great photographer (note the shiny light from my flash in the pictures).


Amy and Mike said...

Nice paint job. We'll be sure to use your expertise when we get in a house.

Brittany & Kody said...

We didn't expect you to do anymore than tape. My favorite part was when I came out of the bathroom before school, I looked at you and you had an oober guilty look on your face with a paint brush in one hand haha. You did a fantastic job!!! Thank you!