Thursday, February 19, 2009

To my delightful little stalker...

Sorry guys, this one is long. Just read it though...k? I got a comment on my last blog post from an anonymous (barely) person which was a bit harsh. I am posting this for opinions. Be honest with me. I can take it. For those of you who actually know me...tell me what you honestly think of me. Here's the comment and my remarks on the comment:

"I stumbled onto your blog from a friend's...and I just wanted to comment on you and your childish, rude attitude towards others. You are not perfect, and neither are the innocent
people you make fun of on your blog. Too bad you have nothing else going on in your life, and
that is all you have to share! Good luck with the "temple marriage"...people like you do not
belong in the temple."

Wow! I'd like to thank you for your honest comment. However, I'm not so sure you had any place to leave said comment. For a split second, I considered deleting your comment but then I thought, "no, she's allowed to have an opinion and to voice it. Who am I to deny her that right? Even if she obviously thinks I don't deserve the same right." so I will leave her comment for all to view...and for her to regret (I assume it's a her because I think I know exactly who she is...information I will keep to myself).

This post isn't necessarily one of self-defense. I don't wish to deny that I am imperfect, childish, and rude. I am most certainly all of those things. I shall now address the comment bit by bit...just so you might at least know the person you are judging (judging in general is frowned upon but judging a complete stranger?...really?).


I am far from perfect. I will never claim perfection. I don't think I am better than anybody else. I work to reduce my many imperfections but as I am not the only perfect being ever to walk the Earth, the best I can do is to strive to be more like him. Strive being the key word...don't misconstrue this statement. I don't claim to be Christlike. But I like to think I am putting in a solid effort.


I am absolutely childish and this is something I do not and will not ever try to change about myself. I am playful and fun loving and perhaps a little immature but I don't care. I like that about myself. Many don't. That's fine.


I'm a jerk. I totally know this. Luckily, I have dramatically improved upon this over the course of my lifetime but there's still plenty of work to be done. I don't beat up others anymore (sorry, Heidi) or punch my friends (sorry most of you). I would like to make a few notes on this one though.
  1. I won "meanest girl" in high school. I thought this was awesome. Seriously. I was in the choir presidency and helped tally the votes and many of the students who wrote me in for "meanest girl" also wrote me in for "nicest girl." Jessica Moore won. She was nice...also a little sarcastic which made me like her even more. Caryn Allen was next in line. She is also very nice, one of my very good friends, and I like her a lot...but she backhanded me in the 9th grade. It was certainly deserved but she is clearly not perfect either. Third...who was third nicest? Oh, yeah. It was me. I was voted the nicest and the meanest on a lot of papers. To me, this is a huge complement. Why? Because it means I'm the most honest.
  2. Now how my rudeness is actually brutal honesty. I am not afraid to tell the truth or speak my mind. I am SOOO proud of this. A lot of my friends and family love this about me because they know they can trust me. A lot of people (judgmental stalker) hate this about me. I know there are plenty of people who don't appreciate my candid nature and quite frankly I don't care. I have enough people in my life who like me for who I am and I am comfortable and happy with who I I lose a few friends because I'm honest...happy to lose them. But, if you (self-righteous stalker) ever want to swallow your pride and like me for who I am, I'll be one of the best friends you have ever had. I may not see my friends a lot but I am loyal to the core and would do anything for any one of them. You, miss, are really missing out.
  3. I think your little comment which calls me rude is perhaps a bit hypocritical (as is calling me childish...I mean, you left an anonymous slam on a stranger's blog...can we say 7th grade?). I am rude aren't sugar coated. It's fine. It's who you are. Some of us are just jerks. Us meaning you and I. That's right...same boat sista! And it isn't rude to say the woman smelled badly and had a's true! She was rank! My eyes were watering. And she could shave the 'stach and donate it to locks of love! It was major. People can say true things about did. Example: I'm rude and childish. I'm also really not thin. I'm loud. I'm super annoying. I demand a lot of attention. It's maybe a little insensitive to say certain TRUE things about people but there is nothing, nothing, NOTHING wrong with telling the truth (I plan to come back to this so prepare yourselves).
I have nothing in my life:

False. This proves you only read one post. I'm friggin busy and I have such a full and wonderful life. I'm in school (which admittedly blows) and I love my friends and my family and I am obsessed with music and service and I love laughing and playing. I have an amazing life. I just like to poke a little bit of fun sometimes. I let you speak your mind. Let me speak is my blog after all. Not yours. On your blog you can write about smelly, mustachioed old women and how you love them and want to spend your every waking moment with them. I choose not to. Just deal, k?

Temple Marriage:

This one was the kicker. This was the only part of that ridiculous comment I actually have an issue with. I do belong in the temple and your false issuance of good luck is unnecessary. I'm going and it will be awesome and I will have the most successful and wonderful marriage in the history of marriages. My bishop believes me to be worthy. My stake president does. Jesus loves me for who I am. Are you so far above the afore mentioned three that you think you really have any right saying I don't belong there? Not that this is any one's business but I'll include it anyway. I am honest (brutally sometimes but always am) with my fellow men. I pay a full tithe. I am chaste. I support prophets past and present. I attend my church meetings and put a lot of effort into my calling (even though I don't want it). I don't remember all of the requirements but I know I have and will passed/pass with flying colors. I, like EVERY OTHER PERSON EVER TO INHABIT THE EARTH, also deserve an eternal marriage and a shot at eternal life. It's blaspheme for you to say I don't belong there.

I may be a jerk sometimes but I also spend every Friday night volunteering for a program in which I play, spend time with, and teach disabled children. I have made and donated roughly 40 quilts (and tons of other stuff) to various organizations (Tiny Tim - which them takes them to impoverished families in Mexico, PCMC, etc.). I ALWAYS give at least a dollar to whatever institution the local grocer or drive through restaurant chooses to support (St. Jude's, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, etc.) and I barely make enough to pay for my gas to get to school and work. I would drop anything to help a friend...or even stranger...who really needed me. I serve my fellow man every chance I get. I love improving the lives of others. I am going to school in medicine so I can devote my life to providing medical care to orphans in 3rd world countries. I'm not perfect but I love and serve those around me...which proves that I love and serve my Savior. I don't like preaching or talking about myself in this regard...especially via blogger (sorry for anyone looking for a little comic relief). I am genuinely a good person and I am very proud of myself and what I do for others. It isn't your place to judge me. I've used this before (you might know) and I'm using it again...are you without sin? Then quit throwing fetching rocks at me! I tease but I didn't attack the old woman's character and I wouldn't DARE deny her a deserved place in paradise. You must be awfully important to have such authority.

Last bit of advice to my anonymous comment leaver: Don't be so judgmental...especially in situations you know nothing about. Don't treat people like you are above them because whether you are or not isn't really up to you. I'm sure you are a wonderful person but now I'll never know. I do know that everybody will eventually be judged and will be held accountable for their actions. I can live with that. Can you?

Comments please? I'll take any and all...except for anonymous ones because for some reason I decided to longer allow completely anonymous comments. Shocked? Seriously though...comments?


hairyshoefairy said...

Seriously? Who's being childish here? I don't understand why some people think it's cool or even just okay to write mean comments on other people's blogs. And why, if you have the guts to actually type such rude, uncaring things out, don't you have the guts to attach your name
(or at least your legitimate username) to it so we know who you are. Get a life anonymous.

Anonymous said...

DOWN WITH THE HATERS!! and by saying that you don't belong in the temple this person totally just damned themselves. haha what a sucker... but seriously. now sarcasam is agains the law??

*Liese said...

Dang! I can't believe HSF beat me to commenting here first! It's cool...I love her...:) Anyway, I could just simply put, "I concur," but seeing as how I am your big sister and know you better than the majority of the people who read your blog I feel as though I should be honest! After all, you asked us to. ;)

Way to go! I honestly couldn't have said it better myself. No one's perfect (even though I do lovingly like to claim it--I learned it from Mary Poppins, what can I say?). You're right, Jen. You're NOT perfect. But that totally doesn't mean you're not trying to better yourself! Having been in numerous spats with you over the years, I can attest to the fact that you most definitely HAVE gotten better and have improved yourself beyond even fair comparisons to your former "selves."
I love the fact that we can goof around. I mean honestly! How many girls can say they've gotten in a full-fledged snowball fight with their 50-yr-old mother in a Target parking lot? I love it! There's absolutely nothing wrong with being whimsical and child-like. It definitely adds a level of flexibility and originality to personalities. It is sad that there are people in the world who are so stuffy that they can't make time for a little good-natured banter/fun.
You definitely have an inherent quality for saying things which others may find hurtful. I, myself, have been the brunt of this "rudeness" more times than I can count. HOWEVER, I never ONCE stopped loving you (you're my sister and we're bound for eternity, baby!!!), and--even though the things you said hurt my feelings--I never once came begging for an apology because there's no need--you were speaking your feelings and you're entitled to do so. That's the beauty of living in a God-protected, free country! :) I also never ONCE doubted that you didn't love and care about me.
Oh gosh. I love this one. We have the greatest, probably most freakishly tight-knit family known to man! You're one of the most intelligent and hard-working people I know and it's a wonder you haven't slit your wrists yet with how chaotic your life has been (it's a wonder ANY of us are still alive in all honesty). I do love that people enjoy generalizing those of us who choose to see the glass half-full rather than empty as people who've never seen sorrow/pain/stress/heartache in life. Maturity abounds.
I must say, I'm surprisingly pleased with the tact you handled this particular section! Way to go; I commend your efforts. :) Matthew 7:5 says it best, "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye." Gosh. I wish I knew where this person got the prophetic authority to let you know you didn't belong in the temple! I might be as bold to ask when the last time that person was there...Last time I checked, that decision was between you and your Heavenly Father. I mean honestly, if there's a person on the planet who's already achieved this God-like quality, I wanna know how this happened?!? I'll definitely be awaiting the next General Conference in April to hear how this happened so the rest of us can benefit.

Again, I know you SO WELL and I don't even need to tell you to not take those comments seriously--you are intelligent and mature enough to know this all on your own. Just rest assured that I love you, the 'rents love you, Adam loves you, and God loves you. Last time I checked, that's all that mattered! Isn't it refreshing to know that OTHER OPINIONS can definitely be shared by actually--in all honesty--don't even matter? That's definitely something that helps me sleep at night.

In short--I CONCUR. :)

*Liese said...

....Apparently I was so long-winded that Kelli beat me too... We have the best cousins ever! :)

Becky said...

Wow! I really can't believe someone left that. I'll be honest:

Jenn--you're crazy intimidating! I'm frequently TERRIFIED of you...but that's YOU and I love you for it! I love your wit and sense of humor. I can't believe some of those things "Anomynous" said about you. The temple comment made MY blood boil! I figure--if you don't like me or who I am...why do you bother checking out my blog and then leaving a comment?

I think you handled it very well!

Leslie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I seriously just about DIED laughing as I read this. Are you kiddding me? Everythin that annon wrote is wrong. I love you. I've missed you for the how many years has it been almost 5... years. You were one of the very first friends I had at WJ....and I was always grateful for your humor, honesty, and love. Love you!
P.S. once last year, I sat down to blog and couldn't think of anything nice to instead of blogging nice, I made a whole list of things/characteristics that annoyed and bugged me. I got a lot of negative feedback, but the kicker was when I randomly clicked a link to a blog from a friends blog, and that person was going off about how "rude and inconsiderate this person is for posting a whole post about things she doesn't like" I laughed for days. Some people.
P.P.S. I get in trouble too for being brutally honest

Carlye said...

Wow. I can't believe some people. The part about temple marriage really bothers me. I'm glad you are a strong enough person and know yourself enough to be able to address the comment in such an efficient way.

Brian said...

Go Lil Chip... way to play "smack down", hammer-down

The Graham Family said...

WOW,that is amazingly honest! I can't believe anyone in there right mind would do this to someone- regardless of who it is!

The person making this comment made a HUGE decision to Judge someone else and will one day bend on there knees to our All Mighty Creator for this one.

I totally dislike DRAMA...dang this is FAR beyond excusable!

I hear you SISTER...I'm with you on this one!

Carlye said...

Wow! I think either mustache lady found your blog or someone resembling an old woman with a mustache did. Either way, he/she is way out of line. Seriously way to take that person down a few notches!!! -Tim-

*Liese said...

Umm...Might I also add that if-on the off chance-"Spineless-Louse-Seriously-Huge-Loser-of-a-Person-AKA-Anonymous" found your blog from MINE (since, you know they apparently stumbled upon yours from a "friend"), and I find out who it was--they're DEAD to me. I will GLADLY delete them from my life and not look back. I still love that "SLSHSPAA" had the audacity to say they arrived from a friend's blog...Did they honestly THINK the person whose blog they traveled from wouldn't find out? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?! I'm TOTALLY hoping that "SLSHSPAA" has the courage to step forward and show themselves so the rest of us can make note to avoid them at all cost.

It's pretty sad when ADULTS feel the need to attack the character of other adults to make themselves feel better. Good grief! I get enough Middle School drama at work (at least 12-14-year-olds are allowed the Middle School drama mentality). It definitely takes a uniquely pathetic low-life (oh, I may just like that better than SLSHSPAA) to slander the feelings of someone they don't even know.

Cassidy Meine said...

A. I agree that you are imperfect, childish, and rude. Three qualities that make Jen Chipman so great (and yes, me and Hailey did go to lunch and talk about how much we both loved you even though we never spend time with you).

B. Leave your name! It sounds like you kinda know who it is... I'm all about blog bashing, if you just have the guts to fess up to it!

C. I'm glad you left it up. And you wrote a post about it. Some people are such losers!

Brian & Meg Wilson said...

I love how eloquently you wrote your post, and how true it all is. I am grateful to have you as a friend, and although we hardly see each other, I know you would be there for me or Brian in a heartbeat... I also enjoy having another person who is brutally honest in the world.. I am pretty blunt as well...and some people don't like that about me either. I am glad you chose to stick-up for yourself because you are amazing and I think you and Adam are perfect together... in the temple. We will be there for sure!

Darrin Fry said...

I'm Pretty sure that I know very well the individual who left the infamous comment. And if it is the person that I know please do not hold it against me. I like you great and it would be a shame for me to loose face because of the actions of someone that i may or may not know. But i am sorry that this would happen. I side with you.

Shelley said...

Well I would say by the comments left that you are one loved chick! I love you girl, and you can be very honest- it's inspiring and intimidating all at the same time. But that's what makes you the person we all love.

Luthi said...

dude this post made me laugh! you are so funny jen! crap on others it is your blog thus your opinion which i am pretty sure is the whole point of bloging.

Paul and Chera Reese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trevor, Karyn, Kenzi, Ashlin, and Baby Peterson said...

Oh my gosh! I peed my pants reading this (don't think I'm kidding!) and then had to read it to my husband because I found it both hilarious and absolutely shocking!! Who do people think they are? If you don't like someone, why on earth would you even bother to look at their blog?? This is something I have never quite understood. I think you're sounds like a stalker! This is why my blog is private. It's creepy and annoying that people can/will do that! Also, I think it's obvious from everyone else's comments that you're extremely loved and admired. Maybe your little friend is jealous. Most likely. Who wouldn't be? You're awesome, and all this proves it! I like you, and I always have.

Back off stalker! I think our mean-girl Jen has more friends than you could dream of, despite how perfect you think YOU are.

Brittany & Kody said...

Oh my gosh... what a spineless bag of dirt! I can't even believe that Jen. You are extremely blunt and totally honest!! Also, very playful and sarcastic. I guess you could classify those traits under rude and childish, but those are the traits that make you such a good friend. Honestly, you are the best friend that anyone could ever ask for and clearly this anonymous person does'nt really know you. I agree with Tim, maybe the mustache lady found your blog. But, honestly, for someone that always drops everything to help friends and family- that comment was beyond ridiculous. You were the only one that dropped everything to help me pick out a wedding dress when my mom didn't, plan a lot of my wedding when no one else made the time to, stick up for me at both of our old jobs, and paint my house while I was at school!!! And the part about the temple marriage is awful. I can't even believe that. Since when did stating the truth about bad smells and hairy lips make you not worthy?!? I am pretty sure that you dating 4.5 years and still being temple worthy is WAY more important to the church. Anyway, you rock Jen. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for everything.

Melanie said...

Jen... this is hilarious! I can't believe people would leave comments like that... I'm glad i saw you guys last night... since we live so close we might as well hang out! Shelley is like family! Her family and my family have been friends since before I was born. Their is a child in their family to match mine and they used to live in CA with us. I love the lunds. I finally met Brady and he was a cool guy. That's crazy that you guys were roomies!

Gavin & Mallory said...

Good work Jen! I think the comment left by your stalker is a personal reflection of herself. You are fantastic and you did an excellent job explaining who and what you are. I hope the wedding plans are going well, you totally deserve a temple marriage!

Zac said...

Well i will say though im random. and dont directly know you. this blog will keep me reading your blog. im one of Alieses former students. and frankly what you said in this post should be taken as fact and read allowed to the world. or at least on some required reading. you are my hero and think that we are alike in the fact of being Brutally going to put a link of this in my own blog and honestly couldnt have said it any better myself. as i was just discussing with your sister apparently your annonymous stocker suffers from SCS.(ask her) and should be taken as a hippacrit.