Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Arches for Spring Break '09

Last weekend, for Spring Break, we decided to pack up and go on a little trip. My family used to go camping with our aunt and cousins (Terry, Eric, Kelli, & Brent) every Spring Break. That little tradition died several years ago but the next generation thought we'd bring it back a bit. Adam, Kelli, and I drove down Friday afternoon and set up camp at a "campground" in Green River. Eric and Whitney met us later that night. We had a blast!

On Saturday we went to Arches National Park and did a little hiking, climbing, and playing. Adam and Whitney had never seen the arch pictured on Utah's license plate until now. Kelli is thoroughly bandaged and was quite gimpy due to a previous bike incident...poor Kelli. It was so beautiful but very windy...we all had sand in every possible orifice...lovely.
(I took the brilliant shot of Kelli with the arch in the background...I'm amazed with myself)

After our trek to the delicate arch, we went to sand dune arch for a little playing. Poor Kelli didn't get to do the climbing and jumping she so adores but we did get her to climb up on a ledge for a group photo. The ledge was about 10 ft above the ground and after the photo we jumped off it (I was a little wussy but I did it) into the soft dune sand below. Kelli, who ought not be jumping, didn't quite know how she was to get down. So I stood close to the cliff and she lowered herself down so she was standing on my shoulders. Adam held her hands for support. Then, I lowered her slowly to the ground. Unfortunately, we failed capture the amazing elevator experience but it was rad.

After sand dune arch, we went to a picnic area and had some lunch. The others climbed the indian ladder the a cool little alcove. I stayed below because I had blisters the size of silver dollars on the pads of both feet which were threatening to burst. I also aided in the descent because the small holes in the wall of the cliff were only visible from below.

Adam took a little rest in the alcove above. He was exhausted. The night before was SO COLD and Kelli and I were shivering and shaking all night. We had decided to sleep under the stars in a row...it sucked and we hardly slept at all because it was so cold.
(Eric took this well framed one of Kelli, she had the best pictures from this trip)

When we got back to our campsite it was really cloudy and windy so I decided to pitch the tiny 2 man tent in case it rained. The tent was intended for Kelli, Adam, and myself. The queen air mattress and double sleeping bag caused it to bulge awkwardly.

After pitching the tent and after Whitney, Eric, and Adam had some resting time (Kelli and I both thrive on lack of sleep and just get more hyper), we all journeyed to the famous Ray's Tavern. After the tav we got back to camp and realized we were nearly out of fire wood. The place we stayed forbade the gathering of wood so we brought a lot with us...but we used a lot too. Luckily, the other "campers" in the area were super old and all had trailors or campers and were all in bed by 10 so under the cover of night and by the light of a cell phone, Eric and Adam thieved fallen tree from a niehgboring site.
Sunday morning we awoke in much better moods than we had the previous morning. It was SO warm. 3 people in a 2 man tent is a genious idea. Getting in and out and moving around in general was near impossible but it was well worth it. What an awesome weekend! I adore any time spent with Adam and my cousins, Kelli and Eric, are among the coolest people I've ever met. And new Whitney (Eric's lady friend) fit right in. She and I have a lot in common including past flames...interesting eh?

SO MUCH FUN!!! And we returned to crappy old snow. But at least I got my cherished sun burn in!


*Liese said...

Jealous. I want to go to Moab so bad! Maybe one of these days I'll go again...

Becky said...

Moab is my favorite national park in Utah. We went last year and got snowed on so I opted for somewhere else this year. But it looks like you had tons of fun!

Mimi Gruwell said...

i am so jealous!! there really isn't much camping out here...sad sad!!

Trevor, Karyn, Kenzi, Ashlin, and Jamison Peterson said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! Now I want to go camping.....except that I'd probably freeze to death right now. Stupid weather!

Anonymous said...

Let's go camping again. this time I'm bringing a mummy bag.

Amy and Mike said...

Jen, maybe you could ask Adam this: My memory is getting a little bit foggy. Did we once eat whole habanero peppers and then "cool" it down with hot chocolate from the rainbow station? I'm wondering if I am making this stuff up, or if maybe it was just Adam that did that?

Oh, and your trip sounds way sweet. I've never been to Arches, and it looks awesome!