Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A weekend full of family fun

I know...I only post about our weekends anymore. This one was so full!

Over the weekend, we got to spend time with a whole lot of family. It was such a busy weekend and we had hardly any down time but it was good to see everybody and experience some of the things we did.

On Friday, we drove to Provo to attend Adam's cousin's wedding reception. We spent time with Adam's dad, Kyle, and members of that side of the family (who we don't see enough). We also got some salsa dancing in as the bride was Latina and most of the music reflected that. We planned to hang out with Brian & Megan after the reception but we stayed much later than anticipated (next weekend, aight?).

Saturday was an amazing day. I spent most of the morning doing dress fittings with my mom. My dress is coming along and looking great. We then loaded up headed back to UC where my cousins, Hayden & Caleb, were to be baptized. Their stake center is in Midway (such an adorable town) so we had some driving to do. While all baptisms are lovely, this one was particularly special because Hayden & Caleb asked Adam & Jacob to baptize them. What an incredible honor! It was really nice of their parents to give Adam & Jacob such an awesome opportunity and Adam & Jacob were thrilled about it. It was such a touching event all around. There were two speakers. One was an aunt from the other side of the family. The other was a man from Gahna whose parents looked after Hayden & Caleb and informed Patti & Eric about them. Grandfathers witnessed the baptism. Eric confirmed both boys. Then each boy bore their testimonies. It was so great. Their parents...and the majority of the room...had tears in their eyes. It was so special and so powerful and I am so grateful Adam & Jacob (each of whom I am very close to...in different ways obviously) the opportunity to be such a big part of it.

We then hung out with good old Kevis for a bit and enjoyed ice cream at the W.

Sunday morning was spent with Adam's mom's side of the family. We attended his nephew's baby blessing...Max is such a sweet little baby. We took Alyvia to the blessing because her dad, Tyson, was unable to come. It was her first time at church and she did as well as a 2 1/2 year old could be expected to do...not so great. She was plenty good but had a hard time being quiet and didn't understand why we were opposed to her running around...all the other children got to after all. After sacrament meeting, we spent a lot of time with Alyvia and Katelyn. What a fun, exciting, tiring weekend!


*Liese said...

I didn't know Adam and Brother were doing the baptizing! ...Sometimes I believe I am told nothing... Very cool for them though. Too bad we had our own ridiculously busy weekend to attend.

Mimi Gruwell said...

SO fun! that sounds like you had a full weekend. Hope all is going well. Tell adam hi :)

Tyler and Megan said...

Oh man, I swear its weekends like that, that just make the annoying things so much more worth it! I am so happy for you! I miss your guts and I think maybe we can't be friends anymore because you are way too optimistic and Iam like GLOOMY Gal from the underworld! ha ha Miss ya!

Leslie said...

that is really cool...how fun to have that experience! I also think its totally AWESOME that your mom is making your dress. Please let her know that if I ever have a daughter, I will be kindly asking her to make a blessing outfit :)
How are the wedding plans coming along?

Cassidy Meine said...

Wow, what an awesome experience for Adam! (& Jacob!). I don't even know your cousins and I kinda wish I was there!