Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Got that out of the way...

On Saturday, Adam and I were to have our engagement photos taken. I was dreading it! I am not very photogenic and quite frankly, hate getting ready for things. I don't like the pressure of feeling like I have to look's just not for me. I'm also a bit fat and don't know that it's something I want to remember forever in picture form. In preparation for said photos, Adam and I got shirts that match our wedding colors. Then we met up with the great Carlye (highly recommend her) to freeze our butts off and get some great pictures taken. She has a really good eye for what works and for locations. It was also not awkward...I thought it would be. The kissy poses were laughable but not weird. Thanks Carl...can't wait to see how they all turn out!

When we were getting hanging with Carlye, she mentioned that I'm much girlier now that I was in high school. This is true but I never really thought of it...not that being more feminine that the high school version of me is difficult AT ALL. So I considered some differences between high school Jen and now Jen...
  1. 2004 Jen was in great shape. 2009 Jen is a flab fest.
  2. 2004 Jen never wore actual shoes...just flip-flops. 2009 Jen still mostly wears flip-flops but rarely in the snow or to church...vast improvements.
  3. 2004 Jen hit people...what a jerk. 2009 Jen doesn't hit people...usually. Adam got me to stop in the early years of our relationship.
  4. 2004 Jen was clumsy and sick a lot. 2009 Jen is still very clumsy but not often tonsils baby!
  5. 2004 Jen almost never cried and could never have told you the last time she cried because it was beyond several months prior...with one horrible Belles Voix exception...forgotten. 2009 Jen now has a soul and will cry...still not in movies...but will now cry at appropriate times...funerals (sad cry) and when Adam proposed and then left for China (happy + worried + basically not even crying cry)...and sometimes when it isn't as appropriate but at least I have a soul now.
  6. 2004 Jen had a VERY strict curfew which she broke regularly to be with friends. 2009 Jen doesn't have much of a curfew and spends all her time with Adam.
  7. 2004 Jen didn't have to try in school to get good grades. 2009 Jen has to bust her butt for acceptable grades...sucky college!
  8. 2004 Jen wouldn't even wear a dress/skirt when she was supposed to "dress up." 2009 Jen sometimes (although very rarely) wears a skirt even when it isn't Sunday AND she owns girl shoes.
  9. 2004 Jen didn't really care what people thought of her...especially if they didn't know her. 2009 Jen agrees.
  10. 2004 Jen dated casually and didn't care if the fellas were into her. 2009 Jen loves a boy and he loves her back...whoa!
There you have it folks. Yup...I referred to myself as "Jen" and "she"...who cares.


*Liese said...

Loved the flab fest comment--laughed out loud actually. If you lived closer, I would force you to go to the gym with me because so far, I'm lovin' it (plus, it makes my clothes fit better). Enjoy the engagement photos because you never know when you'll get halfway decent photos taken of you ever again! I mean really, I have those, wedding ones, and the one photo Darrin's parents had taken of us last summer. I wish there were more! Not so much for my own personal enjoyment, but more for posterity's sake. Good thing you have a wedding comin' up this summer so Darrin and I have another excuse to have some nice photos taken! :)

Becky said...

I think we've all changed. I sure am glad I have!

Can't wait to see the pics!

Amy and Mike said...

Interesting 2004 vs 2009 analysis. I'm thinking about how much I have changed. In 2004 I was fresh off the mission, in 2009 I'm married and expecting a baby in April. It's also interesting that I mostly know the 2005-2006 Jen, which seems to be appropriately in the middle of 2004 and 2009 Jen. Good Post!

Tyler and Michelle Stocking said...

LOL. I loved your referring to yourself in the third person. Also, I loved you explaining all your level of curliness changes. You wearing shoes that aren't flip flops is definitely something I've got to see.