Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lad's Wedding

My cousin, Eric, married Liz on February 20, 2010 in the Draper temple. The temple and ceremony were beautiful. It was our first ceremony since our own (and exactly 8 months later).

The happy couple walking out of the Draper temple...

I love love love my family. This picture (the top one) is a showcase of some of the greats. Jacob and Kelli slept over the night before the wedding. They are some of the funniest coolest kids of all time and definitely more like me than anyone I've ever met (which I view as a good thing). Adam is the best husband and friend a gal could ever have...big surprise, I love my husb. Last but not least, the little Grandma. This woman is my inspiration. I want to be like her. She really is one of the all time greatest people in the history of the world. I plan to name a baby after her (if I ever have a girl) in the hope that some of my Grandma's coolness will be passed along.
Above: Some rad kids making faces. Dawson is my little cousin from Alaska. He and my uncle flew down for the wedding. They have an awesome family but I don't see them very often. Dawson and I bonded through little acts of mischief. I tried to tempt him to open wedding gifts (don't worry, he knew I was joking), encouraged him to pull faces or pick his nose in pics (obviously a success), and plenty more. He's gonna be just like his old man at this rate.


*Liese said...

Nice pics. I'll probably steal them. Super-bumbed we couldn't make it up though. It looks as though you've chopped your hair; is this the case?

Jen said...

@ Aliese: Yes a foot of it is gone and the color is quite different. I hate it, but whatev.