Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Long, LOVE-ly weekend!

Valentine's/Presidents' Day weekend was so awesome!

Friday we rented the crappiest movie of all time. Adam loves scary/horror movies. We rented My Name is Bruce. It wasn't good. Like, not scary or good. Just plain bad. Hopefully he enjoyed it though.

Saturday we slept in super late and didn't go to class (always a good idea, in my opinion). I gave Adam his gift. I got him season 3 of the Tudors series. It's a Showtime series about Henry VIII. Then we did some shopping. He works full time and goes to school at night and works out when he isn't in school...and spends time with me...needless to say, he didn't have time to buy me a gift...which is cool with me because I like to shop with him. I have been slowly buying things to decorate our house. I saw this as an opportunity to get more house stuff. AK bought be huge, brown, plushy throw pillows for our huge, tan couch. They are so comfortable and look amazing. He also bought be a letter K to put on the shelf in our living room. I'll post pics after I get a couple more things.

After present time we went to my parents to watch some olympics (we don't have any channels).

Then we went home and made little, heart-shaped pizzas per our Valentine's Day tradition. We ate around 10:00 pm because we were too in to the olympics to leave any sooner.

On Sunday, we had brunch and delivered Valentine's to Katie, Lyv, and Max. I was so jazzed! They loved them which pleased me. We hung out with Adam's mom and brother for a spell before returning to my parents' for dinner and more olympics. Jacob and I helped Natalie with her solo for a competion...then Adam and I got home super late yet again.

Monday was bliss. It would have been better if Adam didn't have to work but I loved having a whole day free to clean my house, catch up on homework, work out, and make a slammin dinner. I attempted (with success) pot roast for the first time. It rocked. I want more days off I decided. Maybe we should celebrate each president individually.

I'm so grateful for an amazing husband who works super hard and is so sweet and funny and cool. I love you, Adam!


Amy and Mike said...

It sounds like you guys had a great Valentines Weekend. I'm excited to see your house pics, and I love that new wedding picture of you guys at the top of your blog. Very cute.

*Liese said...

I haven't watched ANY of the Olympics this year...I don't know why either, I'm usually way into it!

Carlye said...

Sounds like you guys had fun!
I think I'll just come see your house for real....

Tyler and Megan said...

i feel your life is bliss. dirty ho. love you guys!

Hailey Jones said...

so jealous of the clean house.
today is my day.