Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Fat Fourth

I've never been so tired at the end of a long weekend. Seriously. On Friday night I made the coolest cake ever so I could take to to the Kay family shindig. It's five layers and looks like the flag when you cut it open. It looked all blobby and sucky but I fixed it up with loads of frosting and it ended up being a hit.

The family party was lovely. The weather was actually a little cold which I like. Adam and I did poorly in the skeet shooting contest. I shot 2 of 10 "skeets" (I know that's incorrect but that's what I like to call them) which I thought was awesome but Adam's family showed me up. We also threw in some frisbee golf which makes any day a good one. After staying up until 2 am baking and frostinging and then waking up at 5 am to drive to the family thing, I was ruther tired. So I took the longest nap ever (3 hrs...I could have comfortable quadrupled this time though) and then AK and I went to his brothers to watch some punchy kicky (UFC). One of the fighters entered to "Time to Say Goodbye" (Mads...you know this, right?). Most fighters come in to rap or metal songs...not Josh Groban. He was immediately my favorite.

Sunday we had some bbq fun with Adam's mom's side of the fam. We played games, rode the 4 wheeler, played rock band, and watched fireworks. It was so so fun. AK took me on a motorcycle ride too...now I think we need one. Maybe.

Monday was supposed to be the day to clean and recover and pack for our upcoming trip. Monday was not such a day. After some laundry time and a little Mac D brecky. I was doing some dishes and noticed an extremely wet floor. Upon further inspection, I learned that our faucet was leaking out the bottom, then down into our sink (which we later learned was caulked NOWHERE). So, Adam and I spent quite a long time cleaning and drying the mess. Then we took apart the sink, faucet, and all the plumbing underneath. The faucet was broken and the sink hadn't been caulked our sealed anywhere. We are lucky it wasn't worse. We bought this beauty:

Marvelous, no? Our new sink and faucet are much prettier than our old ones and we learned how to be plumbers. It's a good thing we have a vacation headed our way because these kids are real tired from our longest fun weekend.


*Aliese* said...

Pretty faucet, but super disappointed that it's a stock photo rather than one of the actual sink. Good job for playing plumber.

Brian & Meg Wilson said...

Love the faucet, I want a new one so bad...
Glad you were able to play plumber and figure it all out, I wouldn't know where to start!! Have funny in Disneyland!