Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ragnar Relay - Wasatch Back

Weird...why would Jen, not a runner, be blogging about the Wasatch Back Relay. Weird indeed.

Well, I'm going to run it! But, Jen, don't you know you can't really run because you have crap joints, destroyed knees, and nerdy kid asthma? Obviously, I know that. This is for an amazing cause though. So, for the next 6 months. I am a runner. I can do hard things especially if I know it's going to benefit so many people in the long run (plus, I'm about due for another knee surgery so I may as well squeeze this in first, right?). I (and the team of girls I am running with) am running the Ragnar Relay on behalf of the American Cancer Society. We've each pledged to raise a bunch of money for their fantastic cause.

I have been affected by cancer. My family line is riddled with it. I've lost many family members to cancer and am lucky enough to be surrounded by cancer survivors. Even Adam and I have had "pre-cancerous" cells removed (lifeguard-sunblock=skin cancer). I have decided to run this race in honor (you get to select one person to run in their memory) of my uncle, Dennis. He was an incredible man who fought brain cancer and left a young wife and three very young children behind when he passed away.

Wow, Jen, cancer sure does suck. I wish I could help.

Oh, you can! Click here for a chance to save lives! I know times are tough but imagine how much tougher it is on families paying for a loved one's cancer treatments. The team I am on has committed to raise $3,000 for the American Cancer Society and we could really use your help. If you can donate even $5 click the link above and make a donation. The link takes you directly to my personal fundraising page and there is an option on the right (you can't miss it) to donate. And if you know anybody who might be interested please pass this along. Mention it on you blog, or on your facebook, or in person. Spread the word. Help me help others. If I can run from Logan to Park City (in a relay...not all alone) on these crappy knees, you can click a couple links, donate a couple dollars, and save a couple lives, right?

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*Aliese* said...

SO PROUD. Wish I could do the same. :) Don't you worry, I'll put a plug in for you wherever I can.