Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swimming and Boxing!

Two of our (and by "our" I mean "Adam's" favorite sports!
A month ago (yes a month), we went to St. George and Las Vegas. I know. I'm a suck. There's pictures though!
So, We went to the Greg Fernley Invitational to watch the little sister swim. She did quite well and got best times in most of her events. We also got some fun family time in. My parents, Adam, and I all crashed at Aliese and Darrin's for the night. I stole these pictures directly from my sister's blog. I didn't want to re-scrap them and they were already cute. Maybe some day I'll change the text...since it's in her voice...maybe not.
After the swim meet, we went off to Las Vegas. Adam has always wanted to see live boxing and found some sweet tickets. They were back row but a screaming deal. The deal got even better when we were told that our section had been closed and that we were being upgraded to $400 per seat tickets. Delightful!

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*Aliese* said...

Good job for stealing; it's always easier than recreating it yourself! I'm still dumbfounded you were upgraded so close you could feel the sweat. Gross and exciting all at the same time.