Monday, June 13, 2011

Alyvia's Birthday Cake & The Weekend

On Saturday, Adam and I met up with my mom, Aliese, and Darrin and we went on a hike in American Fork Canyon. It was just under 3 mile round trip but it kind of kicked my butt. Being 6 months pregnant makes hiking a little more difficult than I though it would be. The pregnant/asthma was especially awesome. But it was still really fun. I'm glad we went. Even if I did make everyone stop way more than they would have otherwise.

That night, Adam and I went on a hot date to Aristo's (awesome Greek food) and to see Rent. Adam got me the tickets to Rent for my birthday last month and I've been looking forward to it ever since. It was splendid and made me wish I hadn't misplaced my copy of the DVD. I've had the music stuck in my head ever since and I'm sure Adam has loved having me randomly sing different bits.

Our niece, Alyvia, turned five and had a birthday party at Pizza Pie Cafe on Sunday. I made her birthday cake. She loved it. I think this might be my best work yet. I forgot to take a camera to the actual party so I'll post of picture of her with her cake as soon as I get one from someone else.
Pretty cute, huh? It was my first go at fondant roses but I think they turned out nicely.


Amy and Mike said...

I'm impressed that you went on the hike at all. I swear I am out of breath just walking up and down our stairs.

Your cake is so cute. I'm sure your niece just loved it.

Becky said...

Holy Cow! And that is for both of the following topics:

1) It's amazing you went hiking...period.

2) That cake is AWESOME! What a great talent/hobby/skill!

*Aliese* said...

Love the cake, and as previously discussed, I was SO PLEASED to take loads of breaks as my 20-lb. pack was seriously weighing down on me.

Leslie said...

Very cute cake!!!! I love the colors and design!!!!