Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Years

Eight years ago, I met Adam. He had a nice tan and strong calves. He was funny. He was real cute. He seemed too cool for me.

Almost seven years ago, we went on our first date. It was really fun. His roommate thought I was engaged to another guy and really disapproved of the date. We were pretty inseperable from that point on.

Six years ago, Adam finally got to see my true colors...and they didn't scare him away. Since then he's seen me at my best and at my very worst. And he's been there for me through it all.

Three years ago, Adam asked me to marry him. Easiest decision ever. I had pretty much fallen completely in love and committed myself to him and only him years before. He's the only person I have ever met in my entire life who I can never get enough of and who never gets on my nerves. I had to keep him around forever.

Two years ago, I knelt accross from the most amazing guy ever and promised myself to him forever. I accidentally interrupted the sweet, old man called Jay. He teased me for being too excited. Maybe I was. He advised acts of love and kindness. He said "love and kindness" a lot. We do too. Our wedding day was spectacular. It was really hard to not have some really important people there and I really appreciate the sacrifice and understanding of my new family. It was cloudy all day. My hair sucked...all day. But it was a great day. One girl cried because the weather was ruining her wedding. It made me happy. I know...I'm rude. But it made me happy because I knew I was marrying Adam, something I'd been wanting to do for a long time. I was blissfully happy. Nothing, especially not a little rain, could ruin that day for me. I was finally married to my fella for time and all eternity.

People said that marriage is a huge adjustment...that getting used to living with another person is really difficult. Being married to Adam and living with him has been so easy and wonderful. I guess we just knew each other so well that there wasn't much else to find out. In our two years of marriage we moved into our house, bought a new car, sold a truck, got a bachelors degree (just me...he already had one), and got pregnant. There will be a lot more changes in the future and we're really excited for all the adventures our lives have in store for us.

We went to Logan to celebrate. That's where our history is. We visited our old haunts and had Aggie ice cream. I'm glad we got to spend time with my best friend.

I am so grateful to have married someone as great as Adam. He has made me a better person. He makes me want to achieve so much. He is so nice to everyone. He is hilarious and not above a little light-hearted mockery. He loves me and would do anything for me. He is a genius...he really knows everything. He is strong and athletic. Adam is as close to perfect as a person could be and somehow he chose me. Thanks for marrying me Adam. I hope I make you has happy as you make me! I love you, champ.


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Becky said...

Happy Anniversary! And what a wonderful tribute to Adam the Great! You guys sound like such a great couple...

Holly said...

I'll never forget when I asked him what x-man he would be and he said "I dont know nightcrawler would really cut down on my commute" that's when I knew he was good enough for you. I love you both.