Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby Stuff?

I need some input. I'm new. And Adam and I are kind of simple when it comes to "stuff"...we don't usually feel the need for a lot of it. So tell me, what do we need? What don't we need? Is there stuff you loved and couldn't have lived without? Did some stuff seem important and then you never used it? I'm especially unsure of changing tables, bottle and wipe warmers, and diaper specific receptacles. I've heard people say I need a bumbo chair. Do you agree? What about a boppy or other nursing pillow (those two things were clearly named for babies, right?)? In short, tell me what you loved and why...and maybe what you think I don't need. Thanks!


Andrea said...

I am totally the same as you! I didn't want a lot of stuff, and I didn't want to 'need' anything. We didn't have a swing because I knew too many people who 'couldn't live without it' and I didn't want to be dependent upon it to have the baby sleep. We had a bouncer and I'm pretty sure that even was rarely used. We didn't have a changing table or a wipe warmer, or a bottle warmer. We did have a diaper pail, but it was like the $8 one from babies-r-us. And once they switch to solid foods, we didn't really use it. A bumbo chair is the only thing you just listed that I would suggest getting. They are expensive but you can get them on KSL if you keep your eye out.

Amy and Mike said...

This is an interesting question because I think it really depends on the individual baby and what makes life more convenient for you. We really did without a lot of things. We never had the changing table, wipe warmer, baby warmer. We bought a diaper genie that never got used because the inserts were so expensive. We had a swing and used it occasionally. Emma got a lot of use out of her bouncer because she actually slept in it for awhile. I hear bumbo chairs are nice, but never had one. Honestly you can get by without most of the "stuff", but sometimes after you have the baby you will realize the things that will help make life easier for "you" and "your" baby. A baby monitor is a must, and if you are planning of nursing I can give you some good suggestions about necessities there, but a lot of the bigger items we were able to get along fine without. OH, we had a "snugli" that we used all the time with Emma because it was the only way we could calm her down. It was nice to have one of those carriers, but again, depends on you and your baby. I hope all my rambling was helpful.:)

Michelle Stocking said...

I'm a believer in not needing anything. Seriously, you could place your child in a box or dresser drawer instead of a bassinet for all she'll care. The only thing a child really needs are the things you can't buy--like love. I'm sure you'll have plenty of those things to give.

But, since I'm sure that answer isn't helpful at all, the only two things I really loved and want again for a newborn are a nursing pillow (not necessarily a bobby--I did a homemade oversized one), a nursing cover (whipping out the boob for everyone wasn't my thing), and a swing or bouncer (great place to place the baby when you need both hands). Hope that helps!

*Aliese* said...

Not that I'm a mommy, but all the mommies I've talked to constantly rave about the bumbo chair. Once the babe is fairly decent at sitting (they don't even have to be awesome) it just makes life easier. They can sit in the chair and watch you fix dinner, you can put the chair in the bath tub (I have friends who also swear by just showering at the same time the baby is in the bumbo in the tub). It works well as a "baby's first high chair" when you start to feed rice cereal because it can be placed on the counter/table/another chair (with supervision of course) for feedings but you don't have to worry about her sliding out the bottom like on a larger high chair. Furthermore, it's one of the few things that is completely waterproof and won't necessarily get ruined. The longevity seems to be a selling point for people who plan to have more than one kiddo as many other baby items are more "disposable" than we think they are (cloth diapers, onsies, socks, etc.--those things you "think" will last through all your kids but just don't).

Also, just me, but I don't think I could live without some sort of rocker/glider. We're swimming with Baldwins tonight though; I'll ask them what they think is required (since they're a couple kids ahead of me now).

Michelle said...

This is my two cents: (Not that I'm an expert... I only have one kid)

I do think, though, that every baby and every mommy is different and has different needs.

Changing Table: Most people told me they didn't really use one, but I still use mine with Paige. It's handy for storing things & keeping all of your diaper necessities in one place.
Bottle Warmer: We used one for maybe 4 or 5 months. I found it handy. It was also a pacifier cleaner. I don't think the one I had was all that expensive. There are alternatives, though... you can boil water on the stove, but that might depend on how durable your bottles are. I wouldn't suggest the microwave for the first few months at least.
Wipe Warmer: I honestly don't think those are necessary. Yeah, sometimes the wipes are cold, but I heard one mom say once that her baby got so used to having warm wipes that when they weren't home the baby screamed... I don't know... I just didn't feel like I needed one.
Diaper Receptacles: We haven't used one of those, although they do seem really handy. My beef with it was that I didn't want to have to buy their bags every week or so... it's just another expense that wasn't worth it to me.
Bumbo Chair: It was handy for a couple of months, but they don't have seat belts so Paige figured out how to get out of it very quickly. They are really cool, but in my mind not worth the money for how little I used it.
Nursing Pillow: I had a boppy, and used it most of the time. Although, whenever I went to the lactation specialist, she just threw some normal pillows under me. It worked almost the same. I do recommend something, though... my back hurt so bad from nursing. The pillows (boppy or sleeping pillows) would help with that.
Baby Swing & Bouncer: I found both very helpful. I underestimated how much babies like being rocked or bounced. The bouncer was handy to help get Paige to sleep when we were at family get togethers.

Phew... that's a lot for just 2 cents :)

One last thing... you really don't NEED a whole lot. I highly recommend asking neighbors or friends if they have some you can borrow, or looking on KSL. That way, you can test drive them for not too much money.

Of course, feel free to register for them and if people get them for you, that works too!

Good luck!

hairyshoefairy said...

Like others wrote, it's different for everyone and what works for them. Personally, I really love the
Bumbo seat. As soon as the kid has head control you can put them right in. We've never had a changing table and haven't missed it. Same goes for a wipes or bottle warmer or a special diaper pail. Waste of space and money in my opinion. The only other thing I really recommend is a sling of some kind. There are some exceptions but most babies love them and they free up your hands for other things which is really great. I wore both my kids all the time and felt like it was the easiest way to go. I preferred it by far to hauling around the big ol' heavy carseat that you end up pulling the baby out of anyway. I have several pouch slings, a wrap, a bjorn, and plan to get an ergo (or something like it) next time I have a baby. So that's my $0.02.

Leslie said...

Bumbo: Yes!
Boppy: Depends on your boobs. Seriously. I never used it because it was more comfortable with my "shape" to curl up my legs and hold them.
Nursing Cover: Deffinitely! Easy to make!

*A good Diaper Rash cream.
*A nightlite in babies room. This makes it much easier to keep the lights off at night, but you are still able to see when you go in for late night feedings. It's really good to, from the get-go, have all the lights off and quiet at night. This helps baby learn that night time is for sleep. No tv, no lights, no talking. AND, it's wonderful for bonding.
*Hand sanitizer...MUST!
*baby sling
*Car seat cover, keeps pesky, old ladies from touching that newborn baby!
*Good nursing pads

I'm sure there are more, but thats what I can think of at the time

Paul and Chera said...

My experience so far (2 1/2 months)is:

Boppy-RARELY use it for nursing, but I prop him up to sit in it on the floor while I'm doing things around the house so his head is constantly on the hard ground (flat head)

Changing table-we use a play pen for a crib and ours came with a changing table hooked onto it. We have used it 8 times maybe.

We don't have warmers of any kind and I think it's silly. Really, hot water works just great for bottles, and if you really want to warm the wipes use your hands.

Diaper pail-I didn't think I would like this, but I LOVE it. I realize once he goes to solid foods I might not, but it's great to only have to take the bag out once a week instead of 6-8 times a day. And our garbage bins aren't that far away. A bag comes with the diaper pail, then we got two refills as a gift and just put in the second refill, so we haven't gone through the refills fast either. It was right next to our bed for the first 7 weeks while he slept in our room and I never smelled a smell from it either. We use diaper genie.

We don't have a swing, James doesn't like to be swung or moved around a lot. We have a bouncer, and he hated at first, but is starting to get used to it now.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Put things on your registry that you're not sure about then see how it goes, if you want to try it out do. It's your first child, this is experiment time. :D

Woodward Family said...

It's so funny seeing how different everyone is! There is definitely the difference in kids and what works for them (and you!) We put everything on our registry and whatever we didn't get we lived without! I got a boppy right before D-Day and I ended up using it all of the time until she was too big to fit with me and the boppy in the rocking chair! We never got a bumbo and I don't feel deprived. We just used her bouncer for a high chair when she started solid foods and the rest of the time we just helped her sit up (may be why she was sitting up at 3-4 months). We actually borrowed a play saucer from a friend and I loved it- I'll be looking for one of those for #2. We have a changing table/dresser and I love it- actually just stopped using it when we moved her to her new room to make way for her sister. (I like being able to change her at my level instead of bending over.) No wipe warmer, bottle warmers, or diaper pails for us- we just did everything the "old fashioned way". Probably my most favorite thing that I bought was a Moby Wrap- used it all of the time, at home, church, and on vacation! I definitely will be pulling that out again! My advice is if you are planning on going out and buying stuff that you don't get from your registry/showers, just put the money aside and try without it first. If it's just not clicking then you'll have the money to go buy some of those things. Keep in mind that you may not use it on one kid but the next it may come in handy! As with all advice- take it or leave it for what it's worth.