Monday, April 23, 2012

7 Months

I have a lot of updating to do with many pictures.  We've had a series of spectacular weekends.  But I don't want to forget all the cute things this little 7 month old does.

- Avs has 3 teeth (as seen).
- She crawls like a champ, pulls herself up on everything, and is starting to cruise.
- She loves standing (even though she isn't the best at it) and walking in a walker or while holding hands.
- She can clearly say momma and papa.  Momma is usually reserved for when she is feeling needy (hungry, sad, tired).  She has said "I get it" "hello" "hi" "yeah" "yay!" ...possibly all by accident.  Who knows.
- She is getting better at waving goodbye.
- She can clap and loves to do it.  It's adorable.  We cheered for the marathoners (including her daddy) and she clapped and yelled.  It was so cute!
- Avs is a faker.  She fake cries and fake laughs but the funniest thing she can fake we just learned last night...she can fake cough.  She was coughing on her spit and her grandma and grandpa Howard said "Oohhh, poor baby!  You have a little cough!  Oh no"  Kind of sweet and dramatically...just giving her attention.  She thought it was excellent.  Then she coughed again (not sure if this one was fake or not) and got the same response.  Then she offered an obviously fake cough, got the same response, and continued 10 or 12 times until her fake "coughs" were just funny noises.  It was hilarious.  I really hope she doesn't always fake things for attention, but this time, it was pretty cute.
- Avynlee is a rock star sleeper.  When I put her in her crib, she holds out her arm (as if to brace herself) rolls onto her belly and tucks her face into her arms and goes to sleep.  I've tried making her sleep on her back, she won't do it.
- She likes to give hugs and kisses.
- She loves music.  She sits on my lap while I play the piano and sing and she'll pound the keys and sing as well.  She loves her baby piano too.
- Py loves being outside.  She like to crawl around on the grass and try to eat whatever she can get her hands on (dandelions, aeration balls, etc.).  Don't worry, I don't let her.
- Avynlee loves going to the park.  We take her on brunchnics most weekends.  She tolerates swinging with one of us but loves swinging my herself in the baby swing.  She can even pump.  She uses her whole upper body and rocks in foward and backward when she starts to slow down.  I was shocked the first time she did this in St. George (a post on that will come soon).  She also loves going down the slide on one of our laps.
- Avynlee is still a huge fan of swimming.  She loves watching other kids and squirming around in the water.  The way she wiggles, I'm sure she could propel herself forward...she won't be given the opportunity to find out for a little while though.
- Avynlee likes going to church because there are so many kids to watch.  She is quite irreverent however...and usually when she really ought to be quiet.  Luckily there are tons of noisey babies so she doesn't really bother anybody.  Unfortunately, part of church is during her morning nap time so she gets onry and fussy and we visit the mothers room, car, or home almost every week.
- Like most babies, her favorite things to play with aren't hers and aren't toys.

This little girl is the highlight of our lives.  We have had so much fun being her parents!


*Aliese* said...

She's so pretty!! I can't believe how freakin' fast she's growing.

Shumway Adventures said...

This is such a cute post! I love all the cute things she does! She is so CUTE too! where are you guys living?