Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter 3

"Uh...Jen? Your title doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure you haven't posted an Easter 1 or an Easter 2." Rather estute. Indeed I did not. But these are the pictures I managed to upload and scrapbook so, for now, that's what you're getting. "And...are you aware Easter was quite some time ago?" Ah, yes I am. But stupid school and work are crowding in on my all-important blog time, and thus, all posts are rather delayed.  And I know I'm crazy for having conversations with myself.

The week after Easter, we enjoyed another Easter extravaganza (you can thank me for not typing eggstravaganza) at the Howard home (Adam's family).  I love being outside, egg hunts, and excited children.  It was great.  Here are some adorable pictures my sister-in-law took because this joker had a dead camera battery.  I snagged a few cell phone shots but she has a fancy shmancy camera so hers are much better quality.

Aren't my nieces and nephew adorable?  My beautiful baby is smitten with them.  The secular celebration of Easter is the perfect holiday for my little bundle.  She loves being outside, crawling around on grass, picking up brightly colored prizes, and sucking on things.  Dumping plastic eggs out of her basket was a beloved activity for several weeks.

I hope all your Easters were as lovely as the 3 I enjoyed.  I also hope I one day post about the others!

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*Aliese* said...

Good job for catching up. That was my goal this weekend. :) Cutest Lil' Avs just warms my heart. Can't wait to play with her next weekend!!