Saturday, September 14, 2013

Avynlee is Two!

I officially have a two year old (who seems to be about as tall as an average three year old).  The past two years have not at all been what I had planned on but they have been amazing and I wouldn't have traded them for anything.  Avynlee is the light of our lives.  She is so crazy and silly.  She gets into everything.  Seriously.  More than any kid I have ever seen.  She loves exploring and learning about things.  She loves giving hugs, cuddles, ugga muggas, butterfly kisses, squishes, really anything affectionate.  She is a sweetie pants.  She says hi to strangers and is obsessed with kids and babies.  She speaks really well and can pretty much carry on a conversation.  She loves being read to and sung to.  She knows the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and white and while assign them "light" or "dark" adjectives sometimes.  She knows triangle, circle, heart, square, rectangle, star, and moon.  She loves learning numbers and letters and can identify "A" and sometimes "B".  She likes to pretend to sound things out but is rarely correct ("K says mmm, mmmm, mmm...L says buh buh!").  She can count to ten but usually leaves a couple numbers out.  She is brave as can be and will climb on and jump off about anything.  She loves swimming and thinks she can do it on her own and she sometimes can...for about three seconds.  She isn't so great at holding her breath.  She thinks she is a big kid and always wants to wear "big girl undies" or sleep in a "big big bed!" or "dive next" or "skooter all day long".  She thinks she can jump.  She can't.  And it's hilarious.  She lkes to pick out her clothes and pajamas (sometimes several times a day) and is very particular about what she wears.  She often has a really strange mix of outfits on.  She loves animals, her friends, and her family.  She talks about her grandparents a lot and often mentions a few favorite friends and family members.  Madee is her best friend and she loves Baby Boss )and has asked us several times "pleeeaaase!  My baby boss?"  We'll see).  She loves her cousins Maxwell and Solo and baby Melee.  She loves their animals and talks about "Patti's kitty" and "Patti's horsey".  She tells us that "Baby Toy (McCoy) lives at Sadie's (the dog) house.  He's tuuute (cute)."

Avynlee is the prettiest, smartest, sweetest, funniest, craziest kid I have ever met (biased much?) and I am so proud of my little two year old.

Side note:  You know how you reach half your adult height by age two?  My girl might be six feet tall as an adult.  Good thing Adam and I like swimming, volleyball, and basketball.  We may be watching a lot in our future.

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