Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodbye Eagle Mountain

We have officially moved out and handed over our keys.  It has been kind of bittersweet.  We really loved this house.  It's strange to think we will never go back to the place we lived for four and a half years...unless we become friends with the new owners and visit them or something.  That seems unlikely though.  Bye Avs yellow house!  We'll sure miss you.

Our cute first home.
 Living room (from the kitchen)
 Ginormous kitchen (taken from the garage door, the back door is to the left)
 I don't have a picture of the half bath.
Avs bathroom:
 Still Avs bathroom:
 Avynlee's cool, v-shaped room.
 Avs room:
 Office/sewing room.  The only room with all right angles.
 Master bedroom and closet:
 The biggest bedroom we will ever have:
 Master bath:
 Master bathroom:
This is mostly so I can look back and remember our cute first home together and show Avynlee her first house.  She really loved "Av's yellow house" and it's a little sad to me that she will likely not remember it.  I'm not even sure she realizes we don't live there anymore.  Luckily she is super comfortable at my parents house.  They are kindly housing us until our new house is done.  We have a new house and a whole bunch of great new memories to look forward to!

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*Aliese* said...

How did I not know we had the same Master Bath shower curtain?