Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had an amazing Christmas this year and got completely spoiled.  We got into our new house in time to get a tree and some decorations up.  A very excited Avynlee turned completely petrified at the very sight of Santa Claus. She refused to sit on his lap but did muster the courage to quietly ask for "Specs and Pillow" her favorite Lalaloopsy dolls.   We spent Christmas Eve with the Howards for the annual Crab dinner. It was delicious as usual and we had so much fun playing games and hanging out with Adam's family.  Then we had a huge, gift-giving free for all.  We were all completely spoiled. We got to my parents house quite late and happened upon Santa Claus putting gifts under the tree. Av was terrified and told him he had to leave, then asked to go upstairs to get away from him. Santa felt bad that Av was scared and handed her a present, she quietly said "thank you" while fighting back tears. Poor baby.  At least she was polite.  We stayed at my parents and woke up to a magical Christmas surprise.  We had a fun morning of opening gifts. Avynlee was delighted to open her Lalaloopsy dolls.  After magical present fun, we ate the traditional delicious candy cane shaped cinnamon braid and grapefruit. We later had Christmas dinner at my grandparents' house.

Christmas was so great and we loved having so much time together.  Things seemed to be going so well for us.  We just moved into a great new house in a great new neighborhood, we got a new car, Adam got a new job resulting in me being able to stay home with Av, then all our good fortune caught up with us.  On the 28th, we were having a blast at the Kay family party when plans changed and we ended up in the ER for Adam's newly severed extensor pollicis longus tendon. Rats. Poor fella had surgery Monday.

Hand injuries aside, we had a really spectacular Christmas and are so grateful for all the time we got to spend with our families and each other.

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